Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Couple of Links

Love all y'all and your comments on Bernie and Marcy and the birthday of the GOTW!!!!  I never thought the last would ever last this long!!!!  It just proves that y'all like a good (?) laugh as much as I do! And your thoughts on both on Marcy and Bernie show that we really haven't totally lost our minds in this country and the common sense our parents taught us is alive and well.  I'm still moving slow but trying hard to feel better and get caught up on a lot of things!

Here are a few good links that (I hope) will keep y'all thinking and smiling!

* In my never ending search for truth, I discovered Undernews, the online reports of the Progressive Review. It's commentary runs the political gamut and here's a quote editor Sam Smith published yesterday and yeah, it's irreverent but it is so very true:

"Entitlement" my ass, I PAID cash for my social security insurance! Our benefits aren't some kind of charity or handout. Congressional benefits -- free premium federal health care, enormous retirement packages, 67 paid holidays, 3 weeks paid vacation, unlimited paid sick days -- now THAT is welfare! And they have the nerve to call my retirement "entitlement"? - Facebook entry

I bet y'all did, too!

I'm sending it to every politician on my list -- including Obama!

* Speaking of Obama, the White House website states that all letters to POTUS will be answered. They lie. I wrote last week -- no answer!

* I swiped this from Ricky over at Cause for Concern who proves that not everyone down on the River is batsh*t crazy like John Boehner and our governor, John Kasich! This is a hoot!!! I think they had fun making it!!!!! Someone called it 'shocking' (and I took them to task); I call it fun.

I have to get busy here -- my sleep patterns are worse than ever and I have to do as much as I can while I can.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!



  1. That retirement home video just made me smile. I needed a smile tonight after thinking about the darn budget crisis.

  2. John Boehner is a sociopathic liar. Anyone can see that unless they have as much sunstroke as he has.

  3. (Since the previous comment disappeared, awaiting comment moderation, I have no idea what it looks like. Please be advised it was composed after only one sip of coffee.)

  4. Undernews looks interesting -- thanks for the tip. And as for the retirement home video, wow! it's got better production quality than a lot of things coming out of Hollywood!

  5. Kay: I hear ya!!!! That's why I posted it!!!!

    Vigilante: I agree and yeah, I understand -- I'm wicked before my first cuppa, too! Gotta jumpstart my old blood.

    Sightings: I'm glad you like Sam's blog and the elder thing. Both caught my interest for different reasons.

  6. There is an AARP ad running on TV that reminds people that they PAID into Social Security and Medicare which is INSURANCE, not a grant.

    What people ought to do is get out their old paychecks, add up the total of FICA they paid, and send the Republicans a bill asking for the money they paid IN to be paid BACK.

  7. I LOVE that Quote!! And it is so damn true!!!
    We are in deep deep doo do here in this country....

    As to The White House answering---they didn't say How Long it might take...(lol)

  8. Holy Shit, Kay, that video was brilliant! I'm crying and laughing. When my Dad was in a luxury assisted living facility his last three years, he found himself a girlfriend who'd grown up in his old neighborhood. I'd show up for a visit and they'd be watching basketball...or rather he would; she'd be staring into space...holding hands. He'd give her all his bingo tokens, 'cause he always won and she had Alzheimers.

    He'd ask us to take her along on our "dates."

    I've GOT to get that long-term care insurance, kiddo! Bless you for this. I'm adding it to the bottom of my page where the great videos live.

  9. Anonymous1:52 PM

    I did as Robert the Skeptic suggested - well, almost.
    1) I added up all of the money that was withheld from all of the earnings that I had in the period 1953-2004. (I retired in 2004.)
    2) Next, I reasoned that, had I kept the money and invested it, I should probably have about equaled the inflation rate (some of my investments have done better, others worse.) I multiplied each year's withholding by the inflation rate from the corresponding year to 2004. I used the Inflation Calculator at http://www.westegg.com/inflation/ (unfortunately, Blogger won't let me link!)
    3) Then I add the adjusted withholdings from all of the years together. (Note that the withholding for 22 of those years was zero.)
    4) Next, I looked up to see how much Social Security I drew in 2004 (the first year in which I drew SS for the entire year).
    5) I divided the result in #4 by the result in #3 and multiplied the result by 100 to give me my return-on-investment.
    6) My return on investment was 12.95%
    Not one of my other investments is giving me anywhere near that return; thus, I don't wish to get my withholdings back!
    Cop Car


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