Wednesday, April 06, 2011

You're Not Paranoid If . . .

Someone wiser than I said, "You're not paranoid if they really are out to get you," and that was rattling about my poor damaged brain this morning as I consider what those nice folks at Political Ruminations had about the GOP's plans for destroying Social Security and organized labor. Soooo I googled the above statement and came across a truly thoughtful and rational commentary from a Toledo law firm on exactly what is happening to those of us not among the uber-rich and I strongly urge you read it to pass it on to anyone and everyone you can think of -- including your senators, congressmen, and state senators and legislators -- and yeah, Obama and Biden, too.

Jack Cafferty is wrong. It isn't "getting ugly out there, folks" as he is wont to say. It IS ugly out there and unless We the People stand up and shout NOW, it's gonna get worse -- a LOT worse.

For me, losing my Social Security and Medicare (yeah, that's next) is a death sentence -- that that is the plain, unvarnished truth. These greedy a$$hats don't care if y'all or I starve or die from homelessness and/or lack of medication and health care. The way I see it is that my choices are limited: I can shrug and accept what they are doing to us and die or I can go down fighting. I come from a family who were patriots in the American Revolution and braved the wilderness to settle Ohio so I choose to go down fighting -- to do otherwise would be an insult to their legacy.

Here's Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) telling it like it is:

Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio) spoke up against SB 5 in my home town of Toledo.

Sherrod Brown (D-OH). who I think has been fighting for us in the Buckeye State since he and I have been old enough to vote, weighs in on SB 5:

What I want to know is where in the hell is Obama on what we in the heartland -- Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio -- are fighting?
We need him -- and he needs us and will need us again in 2012.

There are those in the media who disdainfully blow us off as 'flyover country'. To them I say, "You may be right but what we lack in sophistication (which I think they underestimate), we make up for in common sense, a work ethic, family values and dedication to the values that were laid down by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution.

We in the great state of Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin are taking a stand against those who would take away those values we hold dear and are demanding that the promises made to us be kept. And I, for one, am dedicated to seeing the initiatives through to the end. I cannot do otherwise in good conscience.

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  1. I just saw this in the news tonight about the Republicans wanting to cut Medicare and Social Security. They're making it sound like it's the Democrats that got us into this fiscal mess. They really do have short term memory loss.

  2. The Republicans wanting to get rid of S.S. & Medicare means NO ONE is going to vote for them. They know this, is WHY IN ZEUS' BUT-HOLE are they spouting this crap. There is something fishy going on here and I don't like it.

  3. Kay,
    I spent too many years in Ohio fighting the issues of education. I taught 18 years and my sister still teaches there and the entire state is a mess; not only social security and Medicare but everything. It makes me really sad and while I'm now in NC, it isn't much better but here we don't have unions so that isn't being taken away as well.
    thanks for an insightful blog...

  4. I don't believe the current GOP thinks they can cut Medicare or SS at this time BUT: they are playing a long game and you can be sure that's the goal. I can see why, but what I can't see is how they get anyone to vote for them.

  5. Business as usual by cutting money that those on disabilities or SS need for basic survival. I do wish those guys needed SS and Medicare.

  6. Honestly, do any of them really have a clue? Sometimes I want to stick my head in a hole so I don't have to hear these ridiculous horror stories.

  7. The Right is very much against euthanasia. And very much for cutting social security and medicare. ...euthanasia
    by default.


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