Monday, April 25, 2011

It's the Groaner of the Week!!!!!!

It's the day after Easter but it's never too late for an good groooaaannn!!!!!! I spent most of my time yesterday trying to catch with y'all and will be continuimg that today (unless life intrudes) as well as catching up on some blog housekeeping and working on some other projects. A nice surprise yesterday was that  Bryce and Gracie popped over to say thank you for the small gifts I sent over for them and Ana and brought a plates of dinner for me. Michelle cooked a huge dinner for her family and it was absolutely wonderful -- all three plates worth!!! (The salad was absolutely fabulous and I want the recipe!) The kids said Ana was delighted with the little squeeze toys I got her! I marvel at what Michelle does as a single -- she gives lie to all the bad stories people in the GOP tell about poor single moms and I really respect her.

Here's we go . . . .

What do you call a long line of rabbits marching backwards?

A receding hare line.

Hope y'all are having a great day!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!




  1. LOL, I LOVED this :)
    It's MaryContrary's birthday today, if you haven't already, stop by and wish her a happy one :)

  2. Ha!
    Glad you had such a nice holiday.
    I'm also glad you mentioned the single mom. My daughter went from being in a relationship to becoming a "single mom," and all of a sudden I'm hearing these stereotyped inquiries as to how she is managing. She's doing fine! I should do so well. This is not a big tragedy but rather a chance for her to run her own life and do well by her kids. She is solvent, has a great job, and has never been happier. And the kids are thriving.
    But once you get labeled like that, all the cliches kick in.

  3. Oh, I groaned all right!!

  4. Now I understand where my hare went.

  5. love your groaners :)

    so glad you're back
    hope the demons leave your computer alone now

  6. LTTS: Been there; done that.

    Hattie: I just ate a lot. I'm sure your daughter is doiing fine. When I left my husband over 10 yrs. ago. I was downright destitute and everyone asked how I was going to manage (and didn't offer help, of course). I just shrugged and said, "As well as I can." and I did and it's what I'm still doing.

    Judy: Good!!!!!

    Jon: LOL

    Dianne: Thanks!! I'm not sure I'm fixed yet!

  7. Groan! My eldest son has one of those.

  8. That was a great groaner. Really happy to hear you received plates of food. Sounds really yummy. Happy Spring, Kay!


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