Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Random Thoughts

We are back in blizzard mode in Ohio -- 18 inches are expected. Yesterday morning -- yet another snow day for our schools -- Bryce knocked on my door with 'my' dog in tow who he said wanted to see me, and then set about shoveling my sidewalks. D.O.G. happily napped at my feet after having his cookies. Smile. The Buckeye State is digging out! We got about six inches of snow and most of the Buckeye State got buried and there's more coming later in the week. These old bones were not amused after digging Miss Ruby out in the before the next onslaught. Joey was over later to get the next batch. Old folks who don't like teens obviously don't know the kids in my 'hood.

* Down in Columbus thousands protested in the rain Tuesday against Senate Bill 5 which, if passed, abolishes collective bargaining for unions at the Statehouse here in Ohio and former Governor Ted Strickland joined them again -- whatta guy. I think/hope that John Kasich will be a one term governor and there are rumbling of a recall. All I wanna know is where do I sign on to help? When my ex worked in the office (non-union, of course) of one of the big steel companies here, if the United Steel Workers negotiated a raise in pay or benefits, he got raises. Maybe others didn't notice that but I did. It was 'trickle down' economics at it's finest.

I saw the above at another blog and appropriated it. I like it a whole great big lot and put it in my sidebar. If y'all do, too, feel free to swipe it or email me for the html code.

Quote of the Week:

Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich made this powerful statement on his blog:

"So the problem isn’t that 'we’ve' been spending too much. It’s that most Americans have been getting a steadily smaller share of the nation’s total income.

At the same time, the super-rich have been contributing a steadily-declining share of their own incomes in taxes to support what the nation needs — both at the federal and at the state levels.

The coming showdowns and shutdowns must not mask what’s really going on. Democrats should make sure the public understands what’s really at stake."

Amen and hallelujah!

* Michelle Obama doesn't not deserve the cra . . . er . . . criticism that the Poster Child for Gross Obesity, Rush Limbaugh, has been heaping upon her. He says that she is is fat, She is 6'0" tall and weighs about 141 pounds. The camera adds 10 lbs. and, depending on one's ensemble, that can make one look heavier, too, as any woman can tell you. I think she looks pretty damned good. She's pretty buff because she works out regularly. Rush, whose only functioning muscles are around his mouth and nose (which will probably collapse), has no right to cast stones. She took her daughters skiing and they feasted on ribs. Big freaking deal. Anyone who skis will tell you it's good exercise. Before I was married, I liked to ski and can tell you that a day on the slopes works up a good appetite and a plate of ribs would be a great meal. And I'm betting they were baby beef ribs rather than pork spare ribs which are a lot less calories than the latter (and taste better, too!). Shut up, Rush! Only he who hath no sins can cast the first stone.

* I truly resent to the Republican's cavalier attitude about shutting down government on March 4th and am really scared because my only source of income are my Social Security checks as it is for many of us elders and I'm scared. AND it will shut down Medicare which might postpone my surgery next month depending on how long it lasts. Sigh. Do y'all think it will wake up the old Teabaggers to how their party really feels about them?
You can read about what happened the last time this stunt was pulled here. I was all set to write my Tea Party Congressman and then his newsletter appeared in my mailbox -- he actually thought it had been a good week in the House -- and I gave that idea up as a bad job. I can't fight that level of stupidity.

I think that I've hollered enough! I'll be around to visit soon.

Hope y'all are keeping warm!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!



  1. Oh no! 18 more inches! Arrrghhh! I'm so sorry.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for those everyone in Wisconsin and Ohio.

    I've already got a post about Rush ready to go tomorrow morning. What a moron! Sorry... but, he really is.

  2. Kay: Snow is just a fact of life and, as you prolly know from living in Illinois, kvetching about weather is mandatory.
    I'm interested to see what you write about Rush -- it's rare that you do that. I just wish he would leave Michelle and the kids alone.

  3. We're supposed to get snow, actually it is snowing outside right now but not yet sticking. I am as disgusted as you because this was supposed to happen in December or January. I have had enough winter by now whether we had snow or not. It will be pretty but limiting and my husband is sick with a cold which I fear I will get next given we tend to share glasses and straws which I did until I realized he was contagious which was too late. Unfortunately for him, though he might stay home from work when it snows, the animals outside still need their hay and I don't know how to run the tractors-- although I guess I could learn if the need arose. I guess I'd have to learn!

    On Limbaugh, I thought it said a lot about him that his standard of female beauty was a woman Alex Rodriguez would date for six months and the swimsuit models on the cover of SI. He is shallow as they come and no surprise that he showed it once again.

  4. I know you got walloped by all that snow again Kay. I keep praying that it doesn't hit us again...we had an inch or two a couple of days ago, but it's alreay pretty much gone. I'm so glad you have someone who will shovel your walk, etc for you. I've become well aware lately how important that is during this horrible weather. Take care and don't overdo sweetie... ~Joy

  5. My Wife and I are sweating this one out too!!!!!!



    Oh and our Yellow Jasmine is blooming--AWESOME!!!!! Sure sign of Spring! I so love that background behind your pic!!!

  6. Wow, more snow for you :( Take it easy with shoveling, baby steps. Our winter has been lite this year only had to shovel twice and my back said thank you.

    Rush is a moron and gets paid to be one. For him its business not personal. Maybe someday, they will pull the plug on him. But, I'm not holding my breath.

  7. Hi Kay.. I'm so tired of this weather in Ohio...... We didn't get the snow but had some freezing rain.Almost went to Columbus to take part in the demonstration but have been a little under the weather. Starting to feel a little better.

  8. John: I hear ya!!!

    Rain: I hope Paul gets better soon. I wish I was nearer so I could help. A farmer doesn't get sick days. My grandma in Wisconsin couldn't drove a car but she could drive the tractor.
    Re: Rush -- he's just a pig.

    Joy: I'm fine. I do watch myself. You take care, too.

    LTTS: I am very careful -- no one takes care of me but me. And yeah, Limbaugh's a wart on the butt of humanity.

    Joe: Me, too!!!! I'm glad that you and Mrs. Joe stayed put and that you're fine. Get well!!!

  9. Great poster for Wisconsin workers!

    Even Rush is a human, but that's as far as I want to concede.

  10. I think the Republicans will shut down the government this year.. they will (successfully) blame it on the Dems.

    I totally love Robert Reich.

    I think Michelle Obama should challenge Rush to a race; lets see how that fat tub of lard does on a half-mile track.

  11. Lorna: I like it, too ans wish I had one to support my fellow Buckeyes! I will not concede that Rush is human -- only humanoid.

    Robert: I'm afraid that you are right and that has some pretty harrowing implications for me.
    And yeah, I'd love to see Rush race Michelle.

  12. Union of human beings. Yes. I like that. A lot.

  13. WOW! More snow in Buckeyeland. Hate to tell you, but we're getting more winter with rain and snow, possibly down to 500 ft elevation where I live in So Cal. -- snow seldom ever heard of here at that level. Likely conditions causing this will move East, so look out.

    I think old whatshisname makes comments deliberately designed to antagonize and draw attention to himself -- that's why his name and a few others who distort truth have never appeared in print on my blog.

    Been following the protests in various states. You gotta check out Wisc. gabbygeezer's 2/21 blog post -- link in my blog post.

  14. Fine hollering indeed. If I lived in OHio I'd have been out there supporting those workers, and I'd be there hollering in spirit right along with you!

  15. Catching up on you here...gotta admit I am an inconstant lurker too...but YOU are my fave political commentator (when I can bear to think about politics, that is). Rock on and I hope you get all your computer stuff back! We're under snow here in PA too and more on its way. Blech.

  16. oops forgot the get emails button...sorry, you can delete this...blush


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