Thursday, February 03, 2011

Ground Hog's Day

Neither Punxatawny Phil nor Buckeye Chuck saw his shadow yesterday and that preages an early Spring. That's good news for all of us who are buried in ice and snow. I hope they are right.

In the meantime, be safe and keep warm!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!



  1. Hang in there. It was 70 degrees today and beautifully sunny, but I did just feel an earthquake. Eeek.

  2. Good luck, Kay. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  3. Anonymous2:35 AM

    I hope for your sake that it warms up. I feel so sorry for my inlaws stuck in Boston.

  4. It's pretty hard to believe that critter's prediction being engulfed in several feet of snow and below freezing temps. He better be right or there will be Ground Hog stew somewhere. Stay warm Kay.... ~Joy

  5. He's a cute little guy and I hope that Spring is on the way.

    It was 9* here last night and it's brutally cold with a freezing wind. I have never experienced weather this cold in all my years living here. The low temps are breaking records. Bring back the warm days or I'm moving further south.

  6. This year is the first one where an early spring was the call in a long time. I'm ready.

  7. C'mon Spring--may Fav season because it welcomes--NEW BIRTH all around!!!


  8. If you have ever seen the Bill Murray version of this, it is totally wonderful.


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