Monday, January 31, 2011

River Stones 1/31/2011

How sad to reach the end of a project that has helped me be more aware of what I write and do some needed introspection.


note: this is the last of the River Stones posts. All of them have been collected here. I'm not certain what I'll do there yet but I learned a lot with this exercise.


  1. Nice project. I could use a little discipline, but of course, then I'd have discipline but nothing to write about.

  2. I have liked this idea that you have used as it's just something short and easy to think about without it taking more than a moment to read it-- even if it takes much longer to digest it.

  3. I've enjoyed your River Stones. Its a neat idea :)

  4. Like this River Stones project idea and what you've printed here. Maybe you'll want to skip a stone across your blog pond once in a while if the spirit moves you. Why not?


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