Sunday, January 02, 2011

River Stones 1/2/2011

I think it's really rather strange that I only have pork and sauerkraut for supper once a year because I really enjoy it. Maybe someone long ago told me told me that it's only to be eaten then. I've decided that will change: it fits my criteria in the kitchen these days perfectly: easy, quick, cheap, re-heatable.

Happy Blogging!!!!!



  1. That sounds yummy to me. Enjoy!

  2. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Cant remember if I told you that I have taken on the River of Stones project as well. Thanks for posting it. I am looking forward to it.
    Love the new meal ideal!

  3. AITBR: I'm so glad you did!!! I'll be by to read your contribution every day!

  4. Pork and saurkraut is one of my favorite meals too. We eat a lot of pork, but I always forget the saurkraut. Going to pick some up the next time I go the the store. You've got my mouth watering.

  5. Large thank you for leaving comment on my iPod debut post. Otherwise I'd not have known that it was there! Did a followup as a result. Have an improved new year!


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