Sunday, January 09, 2011

Groaner of the Week Cancelled

I am not publishing the GOTW today. Given yesterday's tragedy, I think it would inappropriate and disrespectful to all those who were lost or injured and their families.

All I can think of today is the senseless loss caused by insensitive, hateful words of evil people and my heart aches. I'm sure they are back-peddling like mad but the fact remains is that evil, hateful words incite evil and hate and it lies at their doorstep and nothing anyone can say will convince me otherwise.

Frankly, I want the heads of those who incited the killer on a plate. I have feared that this would happen since last summer when my former (replaced by a Teabagger) Congressman and his family and staff received death threats after he voted for the health care bill. This is not going to stop until those of us who believe in what's right take a stand and see that the hate peddlers are silenced. Turn off Fox News NOW!!!!!!!!!



  1. Good post. What is infuriating me is hearing from some that this is just another death. Of course, they are on the right side of politics but this is not just another death. This is a strike at our system. Not only did this man attempt to kill a national leader but he shot the supporters there-- deliberately including a child and a right wing judge. The right wing better recognize that when they allow and encourage hateful rhetoric, people who are mentally unstable will act on it in ways they may not have wanted either. The words have to ratchet down to being about the issues, not attacking the people. I have lost all patience with anything else.

  2. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Oh, I am so WITH YOU, Kay! What a tragedy and so frightening for all of us. And they want to allow everyone to buy guns and rifles without impediment...

  3. An utterly appalling act. Those that provided the drumbeat but did not pull the trigger will be horrified I am sure/I doubt they will change their tune though

  4. Keith Olbermann did an outstanding job last night covering the Tucson tragedy. His Special Comment set the bar for all news/opinion broadcasters when he issued a challenge to them to recognize and name their own inciting remarks, to apologize specifically for them, and to repudiate inflammatory commentary.

  5. On most modern bicycles, back-pedaling has no effect on out-of-control forward motion.

    Sarah Palin, with those gunsight crosshairs on her map of the US, including one right over Rep. Giffords's district, has much to answer for. Is the killer a sicko? No doubt he is. But his notion of massacring people to solve problems did not originate with him. Leaders... Sarah, the Tea Party people, etc. ... have an obligation to consider that some people will take their rabble-rousing words quite literally. Palin is derelict in that obligation.

  6. Rain: When Sarah Palin was foisted upon us, at first I though her problem was ignorance. I later realized that she evil. Ignorance and evil are a lethal combination as we have seen this weekend. My patience with the Reckless Right is nil. I want every damned one of them GONE. I really love this comment -- you are right on!

    gigi: I'm not a gun control person but I can sympathize with your viewpont and it's logic but do you honestly believe this nut case got his guns legally?

    Jams: I like that metaphor a lot and I agree with you unequivocally.

    Steve: I'm with you on this but do you honestly think that woman or her toadies have ever had a rational thought? They call themselves patriots but but their words and actions scream treason.

    LTTS: Thank you!

    Nance: I saw it and I loved it, too. It's a truly beautiful statement.

  7. Thanks for giving this a voice! I fear more to come.

    I think sometimes the Terrorists are winning the War of our Minds in the US! We have changed our entire way of living, and covering News!

    We have all gone CRAZY!! Why did they have to tackle him?? Now we have to hear how he was abused, deprived at Christmas, a long drawn out MEDIA PUBLICIZED RATINGS WAR--sorry-hard news coverage! Gag!, poor bastard.
    Killing him on the spot would have saved so much......

    sorry--that's just my opinion!


  8. Good Call Kay

    10-4 Willy

  9. Alas, Kay. He did get his gun legally.

  10. Thank you for this post, Kay. I guess more of us need to speak up and take to task those who make those incendiary remarks and get away with it.


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