Monday, January 10, 2011

Addenda to Afterthoughts

I thought this exchange made sense.

Mataconis: There’s only thing that’s worse than heated political rhetoric, and that’s when a government official decides that they want to come along and ban it.

Andrew Sullivan: Nothing should be banned. But those politicians who have stoked rhetorical violence should be voted out of office or ruled out of bounds for real responsibility.


  1. If ratings dropped for those who talked that way, it'd do a lot to change the atmosphere. I want to see there be freedom of speech but we as citizens don't have to support it when it's irresponsible... and when we do, we bear some of the responsibility for the results.

  2. Anonymous5:42 PM

    yes, heated exchange is one thing. Hatred and violence as a methodology for election is another.

    Shame on those who push hatred and violence.

  3. Rain: That's my point. As long as we keep feeding these people like Palin and Beck, they will continue their bald-faced lies and inciting violence.

    That's why my mantra is: Turn off Fox News.

    Maybe -- just maybe -- Rupert Murdoch will do something if we hit him right in the bank account.

    AITBR: You betcha!!!

  4. I agree, but the problem is too many are not voted out of office.


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