Saturday, December 04, 2010

Marci Kaptur Is One of My Heroes

I almost didn't blog today. I had a tough day yesterday and the mess isn't over yet.
Nothing is ever easy here.

Y'all know that I think a great deal of Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur. A Toledo gal born and bred, she and I are the same age. She is a no-nonsense champion of the working folk of northwestern Ohio and this country. One could say that she and I went to different schools together as I spent most of my formative years in Toledo. She is a graduate of the excellent all girls Catholic high school to which my parents hoped that I would get a scholarship (I'm guessing she had one because her folks weren't rich either) but we moved to northeast Ohio and I don't think I've ever forgiven them for that but that's another blog . . .

Here's a new video of her on Dylan Ratigan show that further exposes what is happening to American homeowners. It's a wake up call to anyone who has a mortgage or is considering one. It's a very worthwhile ten minutes. One might ask, "It 11 o'clock (or insert appropriate time). Do you know where your mortgage is?" Sad. Raise hell with your Congress Critters!!!

And here she is on Hardball weighing in on what most Americans care about most: JOBS!!! I think she is right on the money -- no pun intended.

Hope y'all are having a great day!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!



  1. I have very little hope these days for the future of our country. I have never felt this hopeless before---EVER---and I've lived through some hard times in America. But something has changed in a way I do not understand. be honest---I listened to the first Video, but I cannot make the seconmd one and Rush L. I have stopped watching all of these MSNBC Programs--it is ALL TOO DEPRESSING to me. And I am depressed enough with my own personal situation, and cannot take on any more. What is happening in America, on all fronts right now, is very very scary andI feel quite helpless to change anything. Barack Obama was my LAST HOPE!

  2. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Foreclosure fraud is what I am deathly afraid of. Imagine being evicted from your home because the bank screwed up.

  3. I'm sorry you had a nasty day. Here I'm puttering along looking forward to tonight. Yup, I read about that mortgage stuff. Absolutely apalling. I, like OldOldLady of The Hills, have no hope for the political structure right now. It's always been the good ol boy network in action, but since the advent of the religious right I withdrew more and more from hope.

    I have personal hope. Art hope, music and life hope. The governmental structure is so sad tho that I'm staying out of it all. Doesn't that sound like something I should be ashamed of.

  4. Hi hope you are having a great weekend. I used to live in Perrysburg years ago. I am now living in Lancaster,Ohio and talk about an ultraconservative town.. Oh My Enjoyed the videos and post

  5. Naomi: I'm with you!!!
    Marcy is the only hope I see in our government and she's just one in a sea of fools and damned fools. The trick is telling which is which. Don't blame you re: Rush. I hope you get your stuff straightened out.

    gigi: I understand. I would be too. I thought of you and your plans when I saw this video. With what you're plannning, I think I'd find a good lawyer and have him look at it to be sure you're being treated honestly.

    Maggie: I'll survive -- it's what I do best. Hope you have fun tonight!!!! No, you shouldn't feel ashamed. You have to do. I'm one of those people who watches and rants so you don't have to. The trainwreck that is our gov't today is, for me, a bad accident that I can't look away from. I feel sorry for people who are worse off than I am.

  6. Joe: I lived in the city out in Point Place which is still lovely.

  7. I am reading Carl Sagan's "The Demon Haunted World." It is a wonderful read, and helps me understand that these kinds of things - people believing what they hear versus what is true - have always happened. The really hard part now is that everyone in America has the right to vote. We have forgotten that to be an American we have an obligation to be informed, to understand, to debate, to dialog. Why, many of us have forgotten that we have to work to have this great country as our own, and think that we somehow are simply entitled to it. We have forgotten our history and I fear that it will come back to bite us.

    Do you read things on The Daily Kos ( or on Street Prophets ( These progressive voices have given me a little more hope. But at the end of the day, education and honest dialog and debate are the only things that I think will save us. Which is one of the reasons I appreciate your blog, Kay. A good dose of common sense. :)

  8. Wild: I agree with every single syllable you have written here. I hear people say "Well, we can't do any thing about it . . ." and I look at the huge number of people who don't vote and it saddens me. I don't claim to be a the brightest person but one thing my parents stressed was common sense and I wish all of our Congress Critters had it, too. low and middle class Americans are hurting and need help badly and the latter is disappearing. I see a lot of denial from people aren't hurting . . . yet and it bothers me greatly that they don't realize that they're next.


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