Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Random Cranky Thoughts Before the Midterm Election

Yeah, whatever the hell this is that I have, it's still very much with me so I'm mostly vegetating. I haven't been working on John's campaign because I don't want to pass on this you-know-what and I really don't feel like it. However, I've been trying to get caught up on what y'all have been doing and think I have at least made a dent in that so I know that y'all have been busy, too, and I appreciate your comments and support despite my sporadic participation of late. I love y'all madly!!!

* My buddy Russ of Russ' Filtered News weighs in with an excellent memory of the Republican party before it was taken over by thieves, liars, and bullies here and a bunch of links that prove it that it's no longer the party of Barry Goldwater and Abraham Lincoln. I have always heeded my Dad's advice to vote for the man (woman?)-- not the party but I reiterate that I will never cast a vote for a Republican again until they clean house and get rid of these people who are more concerned (consumed?) with power than their constituents.

* I found this excellent blog, The Baseline Scenario on the economy because I saw one of the authors, Simon Johnson of MIT in a video with Bill Moyers (one of my favorites for common sense) on the economy and yeah, my hero Marcy Kaptur is in it, too. I took an economics course in college and how I managed a B+ in the course, I'll never know because I find it confusing. These guys actually de-mystify the problems so we ordinary mortals can understand them. It's a long video but definitely worth the time because it reveals how badly we have been treated. I learned a lot and it scares me.

* Has anyone besides me been confused by the inclusion of Bristol Palin on Dancing with the Stars? She's a star? I don't think so. (Rumor has it from Alaska is that she's preggers again -- so much for abstinence.) That DWTS is playing to her mother's antics tells me I don't need to watch it anymore.

* If I hear the word(?) 'sheeple' applied to anyone who doesn't support Palin and her toadies one more time, I'm going to hurt someone. The real 'sheeple' are the ones throwing the term around. Just my take.

* My good friend Rain posted this excellent piece on the Tea Party crazies. As usual, she makes excellent sense.

* Would you vote for someone who doesn't know what's in the First Amendment? No? Neither should the people of Delaware. It would be funny if it weren't so pathetic.

* On a rare positive note this week, Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity will be held on Saturday and he's touting it on The Daily show all week. It's going to be fun! I wish I could be there. It's predicted that tens of thousands will attend.

Okay, my blood pressure is sufficiently elevated so I might get something done around here so I'm going to leave you with the song of the week! I think it's Eric Clapton at his finest!!!! And yes, we can change the world -- get out there and help and VOTE!!!!!!!!

Hope y'all are having a great day!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!



  1. AHHH, Eric Clampton. He's a great one :)

    I know how you feel, its scary when you find out the truth about what the government & poltiicians are really about. Well, its scary when you find out the truth about anything that you have been lied to about :)

    Didn't know Bristol was on Dancing for the Stars. UMMM, makes you wonder- are they hard up for people? or - is Sarah trying to keep her name out in the public view? The Palins are just to wierd for words :)

    Hope you get over the bug you have, take care :)

  2. Nice post. I will be back to read the links when I get a moment but have to go now to a sign waving for the Dem candidate for governor here. (One of our quaint local customs. I may get photos.)
    Fingers crossed!

  3. I am seriously thinking of not watching any news and therefore any election coverage. To me it will be like watching a car wreck. I'll open my eyes when it's over and deal with the aftermath.

  4. Next week it'll be over and we will put it behind ourselves however it turns out. Our country will/may continue to pay for it but a person cannot rant forever without health consequences. It is incredibly frustrating right now. I don't plan to watch election night coverage (I can only handle so much gloating from the righties). I am though staying with it right up until voting is over. I think it's too important to do otherwise. I am glad you are doing likewise. We will give it all we have and then wait awhile to catch our breath and begin ramping up for '12.

  5. Should be dancing with the famous or infamous...whichever applies.
    Her 15 minutes of fame was done a long time ago. Geez!!

  6. It's hard to not be cranky in this insane election cycle. I read Rain's piece and it it really good.

    I am struggling to avoid the whole thing because I feel great black clouds of depression descending and I no longer watch the news in as self protection.

  7. I've been researching where the best place to live would be if Palin somehow or other manages to become president in 2012 as some media have suggested...good god no, please! Looks like it's Denmark. As soon as dig up what I can on their emigration policy, I'll let you know. You're welcome to come with us.
    Robert the Skeptic and Rain have the right idea about the election coverage.

  8. I voted early in my attempt to avoid the crush of voters turning out at the polls on the 2nd. I haven't really wanted to think about any possible disaster that could happen after this election. I'll tell you one thing...I'm sick to death of all the political calls and flyers and pamphlets I've been inundated with on a daily basis. I'm not sure I can face watching election night; but I'm sure I'll give in to some of it. This stuff is burning everyone out. ~Joy

  9. Anonymous12:41 AM

    Speaking of Delaware, see my blog and the photo of my DIL in the Halloween parade.

    I will be so glad when this election is over. Let's hear it for Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer--and yes on Prop 19, the marijuana initiative.


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