Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Be Afraid . . . Be Very Afraid

The very wise Frank Paynter of Listics suggested that we Elderbloggers should all re-publish (he said 'steal')The Crabby Old Lady -- Ronni Bennett's alterego's wise post and I am following his lead as I agree that everyone who reads it needs to pass it on. These are troubled times in this great country and I'm afraid -- very afraid for its future and the future of my children and grandchildren. Y'all can say "I'm not political." all you want but everything we hold dear as Americans is at stake. I can't add anything to it as I agree with every single syllable.

Stupid, Venal, Crackpot Politics

[EDITORIAL NOTE: Ronni here. This is Crabby Old Lady's post today, but I want to direct you to a story in EasyReader by Robb Fulcher who interviewed me for it last week. It's titled Fab at 50 and a nice job he did of representing my point of view.]

Crabby Old Lady is appalled, frightened and snarling mad. You should be too.

The United States is on a crazy train to doom and no one with a bigger platform than Crabby will say so. There is only one thing that matters right now. Only one. JOBS. But you wouldn't know that from the news nor from elected officials who are the only people who have the power to effect change on the large scale the country needs.

Instead, they are dealing in stupid, venal, crackpot politics that is harming our country and destroying the lives of the people.

To those same politicians and candidates who want to replace them: stop telling the country that rich people's tax cuts create jobs. It is a lie. They've had those tax cuts for eight years and look where it got us – millions of permanently lost jobs and 10 percent “official” unemployment that is actually much higher.

To rich people and their sycophant politicians: stop attacking Social Security. No cutting benefits. No privatization. No raising the age of eligibility without an exclusion for people who do heavy labor. And Joe Miller in Alaska? Social Security is not unconstitutional. It is a lie to say that.

To politicians, candidates and rich people: stop attacking Medicare. Expand it to everyone in the U.S. which Congress and President Obama should have done the first time around. A smart 11-year-old can see that would make health care affordable for everyone.

Politicians and corporations: stop sending jobs overseas. It started long before the recession and has not stopped. Just yesterday, the Senate GOP shot down a bill that would end tax credits to corporations that outsource jobs to other countries. Huh? Why did they have tax credits for that in the first place?

To rich people and political parties: stop funding sleazy, nutter candidates. The country does not need a man who repeatedly emails pornography. It doesn't need a senator who is ignorant of evolution voting on science-related legislation. It doesn't need anyone at all in office who believes the president is a Muslim or not born in the U.S.

To cable news media: stop filling 90 percent of your air time with fact-free talking heads flapping their gums in total ignorance of everything. Crabby Old Lady has never learned one useful thing from them. Pay some trained reporters, instead, to do some real journalism. A whole lot of them are out of work and they'll do the job for less money than your “star” bloviators.

To the American public, you're not off the hook either: stop wearing tricorn hats; you look like idiots in them. Stop listening to Sarah Palin; she's an opportunistic quitter who can't speak in intelligible sentences. Turn off Glenn Beck; he's an ignorant, raving lunatic.

And to rank-and-file tea partiers: you are batshit crazy to believe you are not being manipulated by the Koch brothers and other rich tyrants who want to steal your Social Security, cancel your Medicare and leave you to eat cat food until you die from lack of medical care.

If Crabby can slow down enough for a moment to take a breath, here is what mystifies her: all the existing and proposed policies of right wingers, their candidates and followers lead inexorably to impoverishment of 95 percent of the population. When fewer and fewer people are employed at subsistence wages, no one will be left to buy the widgets companies make. And if they can't sell their merchandise, their companies will go under and they will become poorer.

Even Henry Ford, hardly a paragon of political virtue, knew that. A hundred years ago, he took a lot of grief from other rich corporatists for paying his auto workers the then-magnificent salary of $5 a day. He did so, he said, because he wanted to sell more Model Ts and to do that, more people had to be able to afford them.

It worked so well, his naysayers followed his lead. What has happened to their sense of self-preservation since then?

Crabby is letting fly because she is deeply frightened for her country. Politicians have always been corrupt, but in the past – even in Crabby's lifetime – many also cared about the well-being of their constituents and their country, were well educated enough to discuss the Constitution and the ideals of liberty with intelligence, and managed to cooperate with one another to get important legislation done to improve the country.

There was a time when most Republicans and Democrats identified with the middle of the political spectrum, left or right a bit from the center point, because they knew that extremism is dangerous. Now, the few existent centrists are all pretty much behind in the polls for this election.

Our country is in serious trouble on all fronts, but nothing will begin to improve until the people can get back to work.

Never in Crabby Old Lady's memory have we needed intelligent leadership more. But what do we have? Candidates who are porn distributors, tax cheats, barely concealed racists, panderers, religious zealots, liars, nihilists and handmaidens to corporations.

No good will come of this.

I can't add anything to this except my unequivocal support and urge y'all to repost it. If it makes one person re-think their vote, it's worth it. And if it helps restore sanity to our country it's, priceless!!!!!

Thanks Crabby!!!! Thanks Frank!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!



  1. I agree 150%! We are in deep deep trouble. But this is preaching to the already knowing---the other people--the People Who Don't Care About People And Their Needs---CANNOT HEAR THIS. I wish they could. I wish that something someone says could reach into their calcified hearts---But I do not see that as possible any longer. Hopeless is the only word that comes to mind. I wish it weren't so, but it is "so". These people are unreachable, sad to say. Sad and deeply frghtening.

  2. Thank you for this, Kay! Yae! I'm so tired of people who complain here in Hawaii and don't go out to vote. There is such apathy here.

  3. Mary walker9:49 AM

    I always read Ronni Bennett and Crazy Old Lady always hits the bull's eye. Unfortunately OldOldLady is quite right about 'preaching to the choir.' Our political scene seems to be dominated by people who cater to the 'I've got mine--screw you!' crowd.

  4. The message about the importance of this election has to go out to the liberals, progressives, and independents. this is no time to stay home. This is a time to work for candidates and yes, donate money when we can. Those in the pocket of the corporations and who knows what kind of mindset but who call themselves conservatives, they will be voting. We better be too and I think that's where the pressure needs to be is on the left to get out the vote. We will lose it by our omission more than their commission.

  5. I couldn't agree with Ronni more. We have A LOT to be afraid of. Thanks Kay.

  6. What a relief to find I'm not the only one who "stole" this. I shared it on Facebook.aa

  7. Amen Kay!!
    have you seen the loon in Alaska who says medicare and unemployment are unconstitutional
    he was supported by Palin but now he's distancing himself from her because he thinks she's too crazy
    it's like a really badly written farce, except it's real and it hurts real people


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