Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Just Wondering . . .

Helen Thomas, age 90, long known as the "dean of the White House press corps", has been forced to step down after making some ill-advised remarks about Israelis with her long and distinguished career in shreds. My only question is why is the the bitchiest, most venomous broad (I would never call her a lady)in the media still have a job? One of my favorite media sites, CrooksandLiars, asks the same and y'all can read about it here. No, I am not saying Helen was right; I'm just asking why we tolerate worse, truly wicked you-know-what from Coulter.

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  1. She did have the grace to retire which was good before she got fired and I bet she got the option from her bosses as she couldn't stay on after that. The reason Coulter gets a pass is she primarily works for venomous right wing organizations like World Net Daily and that keeps her immune as they like what she puts out. It's sad that Thomas's career went out like this but she did it to herself. She said she didn't mean it as it sounded but with the memory we all have of the Holocaust, it's impossible to see it any other way than a genocidal comment.

  2. I was wondering that also. I agree with Rain that she had the grace to retire and its sad that it ends like this. When I'm 90 (if I live that long)will I be a sweet grandmother type or someone who puts their foot in their mouth? I think the latter because I do it so much now :)

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  3. I watched the clip. I think Thomas could be expected to take the bigger fall because she is a Journalist (with a capital "J"). Coulter, Hannity, Limbaugh are not serious journalists but hacks, entertainers. They are held to a lower standard and they barely meet that.

    But the underlying controversy is that our country has this "permissive parent" relationship with Israel, like there is NOTHING they can do wrong; any criticism of them and they play the Anti-Semitism card. It doesn't make us as a nation look good to rubber-stamp everything Israel does. And it's one of the legitimate (in my opinion) gripes that the Arab world holds against us.

    I think if Helen had said responded that the Jews get out of Palestine and go back to Israel, she wouldn't have taken such a fall.

    Sad, because this babe has been one of the few journalists who has not tossed many presidents soft ball questions. Bush almost NEVER call on her during his press conferences.

  4. I agree with you about Coulter. She turns my stomach.

  5. I like your post but wonder if this is adding to your stress? Anyway, I'm glad you're not on hiatus, totally.


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