Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our Guy in the Capital

Our Congressman here in Ohio's 26th District, John Boccieri, is one of the Democrats who was on the fence. President Obama even mentioned in his speech that that John has a 'tough district' and that's true. We are diverse in every aspect one can think of -- urban and rural, rich and poor, and when it comes to religion and ethnicity, we run the gamut so John has a real challenge to keep us all happy. I'm on his newsletter list and it is excellent and frequent and last week he asked us how he should vote on the health care bill. Y'all can bet I sent my two cents (and then some) along. For a young man, he brought a lot of experience to the table -- including four tours in Iraq as major in the Air Force Reserve. I've also noticed that he's a hard worker and has very quickly made himself a presence in Congress -- amazing for having only been there a little over a year.

Here's a video of him on the house floor as the last speaker for the Democrats on the health care bill. I thought he did just fine and did us proud!

I'm glad the bill passed despite a few misgivings on my part and no, it's not perfect but it's a start to solve a huge problem in our country and that's a good thing.

I think John's got my vote again next November!!!

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  1. A good representative in a parliamentary system is a rare bird and lucky are the constituents that have one.I am happy for you

  2. I like what he said and he did GREAT! If it is good enough for Iraq, ine would hope it is good enough for The U.S.
    No, it's not a perfect Bill...but....It is great that it is signed. Now...they can start refining it and making it better, and I believe they will...!

  3. I remember his speech! You are lucky. We are too. Our Congresswoman, Mazie Hirono, did not address the House, as far as I know, but she did come to Hilo and discuss this issue at length with us a while ago. Her big issue is ERA. Maybe we can get some action on that now. Removing differential insurance rates for men and women is one step toward equity for women.

  4. Kay: Mazie did address the Congress. I missed it for some reason. It's on my blog. She is not the rabble rouser your guy is; she's more of a legislative plugger and wonk, but she gets the job done.

  5. GFB: You betcha!

    Naomi: Indeed he did! I do hope you're right!!!

    Hattie: I simply love Mazie's speech and you are blessed to have her. Actually John is only a rabble-rouser when he needs to be. In our district that wouldn't fly all the time. The bottom line is getting the job done. John is about getting jobs for our beleaguered district -- that will cure a multitude of problems. He's from Youngstown -- city that was killed when it's steel industry died as has ours so he understands our problems here.

  6. One of our Dem. Senators, Blanch Lincoln, says she won't vote for the Reconciliation bill. I don't think she voted for the main bill, either, but she had an ad the day after it passed claiming that she helped draft the legislation. Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire! I'll be working against her when she has to run again.

  7. I have the dubious pleasure of having two of the most idiotic Senators in the country; John Kyle and - who else?- John McCain. But we have two other reps that are great (both from Tucson) Rual Grivala and Gabrielle Giffords.

  8. Glad you have a good man looking out for your state, they are few and far between :)

  9. Betty: Good for you!!!! Give 'em hell! I hear more people who don't get involved wonder why the government is so lousy. Vigilance and involvement are the keys.

    LTTS: Yes, we are!!!

  10. Darlene: I feel your pain!!! We aren't lucky in Senators. Voinovich is retiring at the end of his term and, like Jim Bunning, is doing all he can to be an a** and our Democrat is a party hack.

  11. And on your other subject, libraries, I also like checking out DVD's of old TV series. At one point I checked out episodes of an old '50 series I was too young to watch when it was first on, Peter Gunn. I, of course, know the theme but I had never seen an episode and they could be violent, as this episode shows:


    Recognize the young Captain Stubing?


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