Saturday, February 20, 2010

Just When I Thought . . .

Y'all know what I think of Sarah Palin and I have been trying, for the sake of my blood pressure, to avoid talking about her idiocies. The latest ignorance really got to me sooooooooooooo here we go . . .

How low can Sarah Palin go? She went ballistic over a episode of "Family Guy" because they used a Down's syndrome character and made fun of her (Palin). Excuse me? If one is in the public eye, he/she is fair game as are all the people you drag along with you. The actress who played the role has Down's Syndrome and was upset about Palin's reaction and wrote an email to the New York Times who edited it -- the wimps. You can read the full, original letter here. I was impressed. I have seen Ms. Friedman act on various programs -- mostly on my favorite show, Saving Grace -- and she is really impressive. Y'all can see her response to Palin here as well.

And here is Seth McFarlane, creator of "Family Guy", on Bill Maher's show with his take on the whole thing.

I thought this video quite sane on the subject.

Bottom line is if you're that sensitive, Sarah, you had best drag your ignorant ass and your kids back to Alaska because it isn't going to stop. Even your fellow Republicans are getting tired of you -- you only got 6% of the vote at CPAC today.

Hopefully six months from now the burning question will be "Sara who?" and I will be incredibly delighted.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


P.S.: As a handicapped person myself, I do understand what it's like and know that having a sense of humor is crucial for success. That Andrea understands this puts her ahead of an awful lot of people in this world.


  1. I saw that also. I think what Sarah wants to do is make her child a symbol for her running for office. What Family whatever it's called did is make the person with downs a person, which is what they are. Using someone with that challenge made it more powerful that she's not a symbol. She's a real person and she has spoken out about the way Sarah is trying to use this. I feel sorry for Trig as it seems he is not getting the advantages he should have right now to make him develop as far as he can-- which obviously is a lot farther than some want to think.

    Thanks for this subject as you do understand having dealt with a handicap and it gives you more power to write about it.

  2. God, I hope you're right, Kay. I don't understand why she gets so much focus by the media in the first place. I cringe when I hear her talking, and if she ever became president by some fluke, I think I'd just flip out. What is the world has happened to our country if this is the best example we have of American women.

  3. i try to remember what thumper's mother said..."if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."

    so you won't catch me using words like s---- p---- :)

  4. thanks for keeping us updated. I don't watch much TV. ha ha ha

  5. It is called The United States of America. Family Guy is entitled to make whatever statement they want with their program and Sara Palin is entitled to respond as were the others who responded to her. That, my friends, is what this country is all about -- the lovely freedom to agree to disagree. It will continue to make us the best country to live in the world.

  6. well said as always Kay!

  7. I also saw the interview. I try not to think about Palin. My language gets terribly salty whenever another of her idiocies gets news time.

  8. I ignore her totally....which may be wrong but I too need to survive.

  9. Hmm the only President Palin I would like to see is Michael Palin!

  10. Rain: Amen! What Andrea's parents did in raising her, was not give her 'victim' mentality' so she was able to see herself as person. If you read her bio, you'll find that she has spoken for people with her challenges -- at Harvard Med school.

    Alice: I agree! She really is pathetic. That anyone gives her credibility scares me.

    Judy: And hallelujah!!!!

    M.E.: LOL Actually, the original quote was: If you can't something about anybody, come sit by me and it was said by Alice Roosevelt Longworth -- daughter of Teddy Roosevelt.

    Annie: Shows like the "Family Guy" are why I cancelled my cable.

    Annie: True. However, the point is that Sarah doesn't want to allow you, me or anyone else the right to ours. Then again,maybe you think her mentality is correct. And she really does use her children as props -- you don't see Obama's kids paraded constantly.

    Bev: Thank you!!!!!

  11. Jams: LMAO!!!!!! Indeed!!!!! With John Cleese as his running mate!!!!!

  12. Mary: I can identify all too well. On this one, the air at my place was a nasty shade of blue which I didn't think was possible!

  13. kay, my step daughter is developmentally disabled and we know all too well, how far they can go and it's wonderful and amazing our Tracy does so well..and Sarah..makes me sick I think she's dumber then dumb and now that I realize her husband's been running Alaska, (via the emails etc) I think she should fade away and leave us alone she's an embarrassment to smart women.

    Although I don't think we'll be so lucky as she seems to thrive on the attention.

    Hope your having a great Sunday.

    Dorothy from grammology

  14. Dorothy: I understand what you're saying completely and it tells a lot about your family. Children need a lot of attention if they are normal -- those who have handicaps need even more. Ms. Friedman's parents obviously made her success a priority and helped her become the bright person shr is today.

  15. thanks for this.

  16. Oh what a wonderful post, well said and civilly as well.

    I wish your wish along with you, and look forward to the days of "Sarah who?"

  17. Gracious I almost missed this one. Have not heard one of these out of you in a while. Good to know you still have that spark.

  18. I read about this whole Family Guy fiasco thing too and read the interview. I can barely stand to read Sarah Palin's name let alone listen to her voice...I'm still not over being totally disgusted by her antics from the campaign days. I too was hoping she'd just quiety sink into the background; but FAT CHANCE. This lady has decided to make the most of her 'moment in the sun'...even if she did get there by some preposterous mistake. She's decided to keep running with the real game plan, except to knock everyone down in her path....still hoping to win the game. Someone needs to bench her for good. Ask the people from her own state what they think of her. They're not in her 'cheering section.' They're glad to be rid of her. Now if only ALL of us could be so lucky....

  19. Lorna: You are welcome!

    Wild: I'm glad you enjoyed it. I really don't like to get angry over this stuff but there are some things that really annoy me and she is one of them.

    Joy: You are so very right!!!! Check out what Alaskans think of her at The Immoral Minority. It's an Alaska-based blog that is dedicated to telling all on the Palin family.

  20. p.s. you've read the latest, haven't you? Trig Palin (and all S.P.'s other kids) have full medical coverage, cradle to grave, because they are natives of Alaska. Can you say "socialism"? The hypocrisy of this woman knows no bounds.

  21. Sarah Palin drives me bonkers, only surpassed by the people who actually think that she is qualified to run anything. Am I missing something? The emperor has no clothes! Someone should tell her!


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