Thursday, January 07, 2010

Britt Hume Redux

Britt Hume dug himself deeper in the hole with his holier than all of us views on Tuesday. And yesterday Keith Olbermann had an excellent guest from the Interfaith Alliance who actually made sense.

I like Rev. Waddy because he really got to the heart of the matter when he talked about respect among the various faiths.

As a Catholic, I am not considered a Christian by the likes of Britt Hume. Duh? I know because it's been told to me many times by others like him. Frankly, I don't want to join their cabal of intolerance because we all find our own way to God.

My dad's favorite quote from the Bible was, "Judge not lest ye be judged." I think Hume needs to re-read the Old Testament. And yeah, I'm being a tad judgemental. He asked for it!

The Founding Fathers established freedom of religion when they wrote the Constitution -- I recommend that Britt Hume re-read that fine document and shut up.

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  1. In Texas we beloned to a church Dr Welton Gaddy had pastored at one time. He's certainly been the odd one out for years in his denomination. The fundamentalists view him as a heretic.

    We have a right to fear Muslim extremists in the Middle East but we've got Christian extremists in our own country we need to be watching as well.

  2. Hi Kay: I try to follow the commandment that is your dad's favourite.There would be a lot less hassles if we all did.

    I don't care about Hume's opinion other than to observe that your country's "fine document" also guarantees freedom of speech,something that seems to have escaped the leftists and the rightists.

  3. Linda: Your last statement says it all. I deplore extremism of any stripe. It's why I call myself a renegade. I respect all faiths. And I respect those who don't profess any faith, too. Religion is a very personal issue and I don't think Hume or anyone else should cast aspersion on anyone.

  4. GFB: I agree. My daddy also said that opinions are like belly buttons (daddy used a different part of anatomy)-- everybody has one. Hume went beyond opinion in my opinion.

  5. This is another example of why we must keep Separation of Church and State in our laws.

    Britt Hume is an ass.

  6. Hi Kay . . . Don Imus is one of my favorites too. He may never have gone through high school, but he sure is perceptive.

    I suspect Hume did not intend his remarks to be anti Catholic - or anti Buddist either. Old Tiger has shot himself in the foot (possibly a dozen times) and IF HE IS RELIGIOUS, no matter what religion, it's up to him to either square up with it or not. Hume shouldn't have advised" anything. That's not his job or his responsibility. But I don't believe he meant to offend. He is apparently a Christian, I hope not one of the knuckle dragging evangelical I'm better than you are bunch. At this point I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and consider that he was innocently suggesting redemption by Christianity or any other route. The last four words are mine.


  7. Darlene: Exactly!!!!!!!

    Dixon: The operative word is "was" when I was a 20-something girl and he was just a funny guy on the radio. I don't particularly care for him now. I just thought he got it right on Britt Hume. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. As to Tiger, he's a grown man who I believe is intelligent enough to understand the consequences of his actions and doesn't need advice from me, you or Britt Hume. I'm tired of people trying to push their personal agenda/religion/politics on me or anyone else!!!!! Britt Hume innocent? Are you kidding?


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