Friday, December 18, 2009

A Little Bit of Christmas

I've gone on record as being devoid of Christmas spirit this year. It just isn't happening for various reasons. However, far be it from me to rain on anyone else's parade.

I do have a respect for tradition. And a tradition at Kay's Thinking Cap is the video below. Miss Eartha left us last year on Christmas Day at age 81 to go to that big stage in the heavens and wow the angels with her distinctive voice and signature grrrooooowwwwwlllllll. Enjoy as you recall that she was 79 when this performance took place.

I miss you, Miss Eartha! What a hell of a lady you were!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Wonderful, wonderful, bravo! I remember mourning her death and this is such a sweet remembrance. 79 years old in this video. Wow! Thanks Kay!

  2. she had a wonderful name, the sort of voice you would expect a cat to have!

  3. The last two Christmases were overshadowed by difficult personal matters. This year I am in the Christmas mood, world events notwithstanding.
    I loved Eartha Kitt. She was unique. Somewhere I have an album of hers from the 50's. One day I'll remove the dust from those old LPs and listen to them again.
    Some day.

  4. She's a role model for all of us... to keep that fire burning within us.

  5. I had forgotten that she passed away last year. Thanks for remembering, thanks for the memories :)

  6. Annie: I love this video -- I publish it every year.

    Jams: Indeed!!!! She was unique!

    Hattie: I hear that!!!! Eartha was and still is one of my heroes.

    Kay: Exactly!

    LTTS: She was quite a lady. And she will be missed.

  7. The stuff going on in Washington threatens to zap my Christmas spirit every day. I must learn to ignore the news! I loved Eartha too! Santa Baby was a favorite, and still is.

  8. Alice: 'Santa Baby' is the ringtone on my cell phone during the holifays.

  9. I loved her voice from the time I first heard it, when I was a pre-teen. She was sexy personified!

  10. I've loved that song by her from the first time I heard it back in my teens.That you tube one stands up very well beside her original version that I have in my collection.

  11. Imagine having legs that look that good at 79 !! Of course, Eartha was always one of a kind and no one will ever be able to replace her.

    (I could have done without seeing George Bush, though. I'm trying hard to forget him. ;-) . )


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