Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What's Next?

Today Barack H. Obama will take the oath of office and become the first American of African-American descent to be President of the United States. It will be a day of great celebration (to the tune of $170 million) with a star-studded cast thay carries on what some pundits called his "rock star" image from his high energy campaign.

Tomorrow his work begins as he faces the monumental task of fixing all the things that have gone awry in our country -- and that's putting it mildly. I know it won't be done overnight and I hope others don't expect it. We the People are going to have to be patient and keep the prayers for him going. I expect he will ask our help as we rebuild this nation when he speaks today. I hope we answer his call as do many did during his campaign. If we all make an effort to help him, we can make the United States the nation that was our Founding Fathers' dream. Yes, we can.

Here's a little fun with what is probably my favorite video from campaign 2008:

Happy Blogging and Happy Inauguration Day!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Yes we can Kay.....

    I love that video. I'll be watching all that I can of the Inaugural Day....can't wait.

  2. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Happy Happy Inauguration Day to you too Kay.

    My TV planner is set and will automatically move to BBC1 at 4pm today.

    Also have a box of tissues ready, because I know I'm going to cry. This brings back feelings I've not had since JFK's inauguration. (I'm Irish so that was a big moment in my teenage life). Of course there will be other resonances, Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy, and all those great Americans who wanted to bring us hope and justice.

    Be with all in spirit. Oh Happy Day.

  3. It won't be easy, but I'm hopeful he will be able to lead us in a forward thinking manner towards real change with a new administration in place at this historic time(though some are repeats of the Clinton era).

    Our country has been stagnate for far too long. It won't be an easy road as you pointed out for change. But the future looks brighter from my point of view. He has some "kick it" people he's put in place and you need that in politics.

    Activism is a must by making sure people take part in helping with this change. Too many people become complacent by not expressing their concerns and opinions by not contacting their Congressmen and Senators.

    This helps to put the important elements of change into place on legislation that is important to them. They want to hear from their constituents, even with a simple call. That takes very little time. That's where the problem comes in unfortunately, too many people don't call or write.

    If a person doesn't become involved personally, he will have limited ability to make real change happen. So I do hope people will be as involved as they were in this election turn out. Otherwise he will have a difficult road ahead of him, so it will involve the work of real life people still speaking up and not just showing up to vote.

    Thoughtful post on such an important day in history.


  4. I love that video, too. The president-elect, though, was a darn good dancer, too, on Ellen's show.

  5. The day is finally here! We'll be watching...and waiting.

  6. yes we can -- yes we did --- and now we must all chip in!

    I was moved by his speech, I have been holding my breath since November, and now I'm watching and hoping for good things.

  7. Kay, Hop on over to Donna's post, "Change is all we have left" at http://www.woodka.com/2009/01/20/change-is-all-we-have-left/.
    Different sort of groaner that I think you'll appreciate.

  8. I love that video! I am so proud of him!

  9. Anonymous10:57 PM

    me too - love that vfideo!!


  10. Here's hoping tha he lives up to at least part of the expectations. If he can (and I am sure that he can) he will be a fine president

  11. A cheerful video and here's hoping yesterday was a good start for our country. I feel good about it because people understand they need to chip in. They would have after 9/11 too but they weren't asked. People need to feel part of the solution. And without us in it, it won't be a solution. Nobody does it for us.


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