Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veteran's Day!!!!

I hope y'all get the chance to hug your favorite Vet today!!!!! My daughter, a veteran of the U.S. Navy during 9/11, lives in Maine so I'll just call her. I'll do the same for my brother, a veteran of Desert Storm. My Dad, a WWII veteran, has gone to his reward so I'll probably call his widow and reminisce about the pride he had in his service and say a prayer for him. When he died, he was commander of hus VFW Post -- an honor of which he was intensely proud. All my uncles are veterans, too -- most of them served in Germany in the aftermath of WWII. I am proud that my family and many of my friends have answered the call to defend our country.

To all of my blogging friends who have served: THANK YOU!!!!!!!

To the young men and women serving us around the world: THANK YOU!!!!!!!

To all y'all: Hug your favorite Vet if you can and join me in saying a prayer for those who are now serving and those who gave their lives for our country. I like this one from the Franciscan Friars.

O Lord, today I thank You for our veterans, for their willingness to risk all so that our nation might dwell in peace and safety. May they find the honor and recognition they truly deserve.

I pray that You will heal the physical, spiritual, and psychological wounds some of these veterans have suffered. Bring a lasting peace to those who mourn the loss of comrades. Help them to find Your love and mercy, so that they may cope with the actions they may have had to take while they served our country.

Make them realize that the rules of engagement in war do not always follow the laws of God, but give them solace by Your scripture passages that show them that sometimes battle is necessary for the common good. Amen.

God bless America!!!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!



  1. My favorite vet lives here, but he was never in a war.

  2. God bless the Veterans.

  3. It is so wonderful that you bring me to the very personal about war rather than the political.

    I've always had strong feelings about our debt to those who do the hard work of military service--though withoutfamily or friend connections as you have.

    When Grandmothers against the War began to organize in 2005, I spoke about what we might do to support mothers/wives of those in the military. Their focus, understandably, was entirely on protests.

    Lately they have been doing counter recruitment. They appear in high schools at the same time as recruiters in order to help families and their children better understand the benefits being promised.

  4. God Bless all your veterans Kay.

    Bear((( )))

  5. Nice tribute! Great post!
    I am the son of an Air Force man. Born on the air force base in Nova Scotia 50 years ago, the military is in my blood.

  6. Great post, Kay, and thanks for sharing the prayer!


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