Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama's Speech in My Town

Obama spoke to an enthusiastic crowd here in my town: Canton, Ohio. We have been hit very hard by the economy losing over 250,000 jobs in the last decade and have given many of our sons and daughter in the Iraq -- the latest yesterday. We need hope and I think he gave it while challenging us to get to work for change. Here are the videos of his speech in it's entirety.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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  1. Bravo!! thanks for this inpiring post!!

  2. Well the news is only showing clips and he said a lot!

  3. It's just in that the Feds foiled an assassination attempt on Obama by a couple of Neo-Nazi skinheads this afternoon. They were both arrested and charged today.

  4. Actually they never got close. The Feds arrested them in Tennessee after being tipped off on the plot that was supposed to culminate in Tennessee.

  5. Aaargh. I got here too late to view all that tonight. I'll be back.

  6. Can only imagine what it must be like in Ohio which has always been a bellweather election state. I don't watch much commercial TV here in Calif., but haven't seen many election ads. Expect you're inundated with them.

    Was in Michigan last week and never saw so many Obama/Biden signs in yards all over Ann Arbor. When we drove into the countryside more McCain signs popped up. Even at that I think Obama has been confident for some weeks Michigan is his and he hasn't campaigned there for awhile.

    Sure hope Ohio comes through for Obama.

  7. He's speaking at our local baseball stadium tonight at 9:30 p.m. Since I saw him in February, I'm not going to fight the traffic and such.

    He HAS to win next Tuesday!

  8. Obama is mesmerizing. If he is even half as good a president as he is an orator we will have the best leader in my lifetime. I am sure he will be.

    Thank you so much, Kay, for posting the entire speech. Even though I have already voted for him I watched all four clips. The crowd seemed to love him. Go Ohio!

  9. As happy as I am that California is a likely Obama state, it does mean that I really haven't had the opportunity to see him speak in person. I'm sure it's a wonderfully uplifting, spellbinding experience. Keeping my fingers crossed for an Obama Ohio.

  10. kay, what a gift here. going to spend tomorrow morning listening to each one. so glad that someone can lift the spirits--even momentarily--of people so weighed down by the economy.

    been thinking how some of us need to point out, as biden did last week, that we have to temper our expectations of obama who will inherit monumental problems.

    thanks, naomi

  11. Go Obama...I have already voted for Obama(absentee) and I can't wait until next Tuesday. I do so wish that my state of Georgia would go for Obama but that is probably not likely so I just wish for an excellent showing for him.

  12. Well, my wife put up her Obama sign in the yard today, and we're waiting to see what the neighbors say. He's smooth sailing here in California, so no real need to put the sign up, but she said she needed to make a statement.

  13. I loved it....all of it! There's no question he is inspiring...and just what we need to hear. This man was meant to be here for us Kay. I feel very strongly about that.

  14. I just watched this on the Obama Biden site. A remarkable orator. The world is waiting...

  15. Chancy: We'll know next week. I wouldn't even attempt to predict what wil happen in Ohio.

    Naomi: You said something very important here that I want to write about when I've collected my thoughts.

    Ms. Fairway: We'll see -- we aren't predictable here.

    Darlene: I'm really more interested in what he does than what he says.

    Amy: Isn't it fun being in a swing state?

    STOM: Hope springs eternal . . .

    Joy: I posted the whole thing because I thought it was important that peole could see an entire speech instead of selected sound bites.

    Claude: I liked it but the cynic in me is waiting to see what he does which us more important than what he says.


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