Friday, October 31, 2008

The Friday Groaner!!!!!

Kay the Witch is taking over The Friday Groaner today because tomorrow is Halloween and I just so happen to have ( uh huh) a few worthy groaners that should provide a really good groooaaann or three!!! Have fun!

*What do you call a skeleton who shakes his booty?

Pelvis Presley

* Why do ghosts like demons sooooo much?
(Sing it!) Demons are a ghoul's best friend!

Q. How do monsters tell their future?
A. They read their horrorscope.

Q. Why do witches ride broomsticks?
A. Because vacuum cleaners are too heavy!

* What type of coffee do vampires prefer?

And last but certainly not least . . .

Two vampires walk into a bar. "I'd like some blood," says one. "Plasma for me," says the other.
The bartender yells to the back, "one blood, and one blood lite!"

Happy Halloween and don't forget Saturday is the All Saints Day and Sunday is All Souls Day.
Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!



  1. Ole Phat Stu7:14 AM

    What do Sarah Palin and Albert Schweitzer have in common?

    They both like sports which have a face off! In Sarah's case it is ice hockey, and Albert Schweitzer watches leper boxing :-(

  2. Your Halloween groaners are really funny. Love 'em.

  3. You have given me the perfect Halloween communications for my grandchildren. They love to roll their eyes when Granny Annie forwards them your groaners.

    Happy Halloween Kay.

  4. Bear: Boo to you, too!

    Stu: Boo! Hiss!!!!

    Darlene: Thanks!!!

    Annie: You mean I'm famous? Or is that infamous?

  5. Enjoyed these! I love witches, as you might tell from my blog name, although that one is a pun and more that I'll need to explain on my blog.

    Happy Halloween.May it be Spooktacular! :)

  6. Pelvis! LOL

    Happy Halloween, Kay!

  7. LOL, LOL.....LOVE these Groaners....!
    HAPPY HALLOWEEN, My Dear.....
    Hope the goblins will reat you right!

  8. Judy & Naomi: Glad you enjoyed them! I'm putting the photo of Kay the Witch on my front door == it should scare off those Goblins.

  9. You look great. You're one classy witch! Happy Halloween!

  10. Great Groaners from Willy.

    Just some humor on the Obama Halloween post.

    Will take down shortly.

    10-4 Willy

  11. ooooohhhhhh....(groan)

    happy holiday, ms. witch!!

  12. kay, referred to your dress-up on my blog today. seems witching is taking over the world?

  13. Kay, you are one gorgeous witch and every groaner was apropos and funny. Hope you are having a great weekend.

  14. Amy & Fran: Moi classy? Moi gorgeous? It must be the hat!

    Willy: Thanks!

    M.E.: Same to you!

    Naomi: Thanks for the link!!! I just like that hat!!!!!

  15. I love Pelvis Presley...almost as much as your witch costume! It's a great photo!

  16. yeah, scarlet said just what I would have said. You make a cute classy witch.
    Hope it was a good one.


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