Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Was Going to Post Today But . . .

I really did want to post today but with the news today, I've decided that I need to wait until cooler heads prevail and my blood pressure goes down. While I agree in principle that something needs to be done, the words "strong executive compensation" tell me old George is bailing out his fellow screwups. Don't know about y'all but when I mess up, I suffer the consequences. No one rewards me with a boatload of cash. I say, "Let 'em eat cake!" Better yet, let them pay back all the money they've hijacked from us ordinary mortals.

I did recall this January 2008 video from The Cafferty Files and I'm going to share it with y'all. If we'd listened to McGovern back then we may have saved some problems but I doubt it.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!



  1. Ever wonder what GWB's Presidential Library will be like? Now there's a legacy!

    Hopefully, he'll spare us the tax dollars for building a monument to a major presidential disaster.

  2. I am quickly becoming a fan of Cafferty. I agree with you and find that my blood pressure is also increasing every time I listen to the inane arguments for handing unimaginable sums of money to people intimately connected with the scammers on Wall Street with no possibility of oversight or control. I also resent the fact that they think I have such a short attention span that I don't remember who should be blamed for this mess. Bush's little talk last night did nothing to convince me that this new scam will do more than dig our hole deeper. As Nick on CSI said to one slick little con artist: when you find yourself in a hole maybe you should stop digging. But most of our fearful leaders simply keep handing out bigger shovels.

  3. I have advocated impeachment for a very long time, but it's not going to happen now. History will have to impeach Bush and Cheney.

  4. I think McCain and Boehner have cooked up a little scheme in order to get McCain out of the debate, and then claim that the V.P. debate needs to be cancelled because of a lack of time. Also, McCain wants to look like a hero, saving America, one more time before he dies.

  5. Something smells funny in Washington, that much is for sure.

    Bush has really tanked this country...I just hope it gets better before it gets any worse.


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