Thursday, July 24, 2008


From my Now-I've-Heard-Everything Department:

Click on this link and see what the social worker/psychology types have come up with now! I nearly died laughing at this story until I realized that it spawned a 366-page guide and then I got angry at the stupidity of it and that these people are taking this seriously.

Most of y'all who visit here are parents and/or grandparents. I ask you in all seriousness how many of your kids and/or grandkids said "yuck" when they didn't like food? Hundreds, right? Did it matter if it was ethnic or plain old American stuff? I would bet my little red car it did not!

I can see it now. The phone rings and it's the school:

Teacher: "Ms. Dennison? Connor said 'yuck' in the cafeteria today.
Kay: "What swill were you feeding him?" {The Kay has always hated school cafeteria food}
Teacher: "Hummus."
Kay: "I don't blame him -- I'd say 'yuck', too -- it gets stuck under my partial!"
Teacher: "But it demonstrates racist tendencies . . ."
Kay: "Uh-huh!" {click}

What has this sad world come to when a little kid can't say "yuck" when he doesn't like a food? I wish I'd put a buck in the bank every time the Dynamic Duo said "yuck" 'cause I'd have a nice nest egg for my retirement.

Hell! I say "yuck" to food I don't like!!! Does that make me a racist? I feel sorry for anyone who tries to tell me I am and I don't particularly care what their racial/ethnic group is -- I'm an Equal Opportunity butt-kicker when someone presents me with such idiocy!

What do y'all think?

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  1. perhaps - due to a speech deficiency or malformed front teeth - he pronounces Y as F?

  2. I think the whole thing is just yucky!

  3. That's ridiculous! The people who spawned that report were just making up something to earn their money.

  4. Lets see if I can get today's comment right. I was a total 'foul up' yesterday.

    This is absolutely taking political correctness to an extreme. The times my daughter must have said 'yuck' when the school cafeteria served Mac 'n Cheese would have gotten her expelled. What ethnic group does Mac 'n Cheese represent?

  5. Today I am adding "yuck" to my vocabulary but each time I say it, I shall think what ole phat stu said. LOL

    Kay, how did you come across this little piece of craziness?

  6. Someone sent it to me, Annie -- I know people with too much time on their hands. I envy them.

    LOL "Yuck" is a word I'm going to encourage my grandsons to use.

    Bottom line is that kids say 'yuck' and NOBODY will ever convince me that it's racial.

  7. They say laughter is the best medicine----well reading your post and the article you linked---I'm still yukking it up. Glad to see that there are Other Governments that waste money on stupid studies---thought ours was the only crazy ones. I say YUK to Sushi----but I love Japan---guess that makes me conflicted huh?

    Gary (aka old dude)

  8. If this wasn't so damned inane it would be funny. I guess I was just a little racist the time many years ago when a Thai co-worker gave us all a treat of dried salted mango (I think it was mango). Our boss squealed like someone had given him a hot pepper, jumped around until he could spit it out. Another co-worker reacted almost as violently. I managed to swallow my piece and simply told her it wasn't my favorite kind of treat. The child who says 'yuck' can't simply mean didn't like the food, could he? Nawh!! That would be a much too intelligent conclusion. Or, as Mom just remarked did the kid just learn a new expression and decide to try it out? No, it has to be we are raising a generation of racist brats!!

  9. You got it, Mary! My "racist" brats who said "yuck" had/have friends of all races, creeds, and colors all of whom call me "Mom" and have a hug for me when we meet which is a source of pride for me.

  10. your rant lead to one of my own -- you can see it here (its too long to post as a comment!)

  11. I'm still confused. Is 'yuck' supposed to be a racist term or is it because it was used in reaction to a foreign(?) food? Goodness, I say 'yuck' frequently and no-one has taken offence.

  12. Yeah, Sandy -- if your kid says 'yuck' it's racist. I say it and I'm not a racist although lately I'm being accused of racist because I won't support Obama and I'm being told I'm stupid because I won't support John McCain -- the latter by someone who a year ago said John McCain was an idiot. All it tells me that some neocons are idiots, too.

    I'm voting NO for president.


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