Wednesday, July 16, 2008

And When I Die . . .

Olive Riley of The Life of Riley died last Saturday at age 108. Mike, who helped her with her blog wrote a lovely eulogy at her blog. I'd like to think that she and my friends, Joycelyn (Maya's Granny) and Winston (Nobody Asked . . .) who also died recently are having a beverage and swapping blogging stories. The Blogosphere is diminished with their passing.

In my misspent youth there was a song on the charts that really helped me crystallize my philosophy on death and dying. It still touches my heart and remains one of my all time favorites so I'm sharing it with y'all in memory of three wonderfully special people who touched my heart as well. The good news is that David Clayton Thomas is still with us and performing at age sixty-eight, still sounds great, and has a great webpage here.

Happy (albeit a bit sad) Blogging!!!!!!



  1. I read about Ollie's passing in the newspaper. Wow ... what a life. Thanks for the tribute, Kay!

  2. I would love to live to be 108 if I could have a working mind and body. Otherwise, I'm outta here.

  3. Hey, Kay,

    thanks for the great post and the blast from the past. i was and find i still am a Blood, Sweat and Tears fan and a fan of this song. the most relevant portion, for me, is the 'go naturally' part. they can take most of the allegedly life 'extending' notions and nostrums of modern medicine and peddle them to someone else. i want to live until i die and go naturally in the process. and hope that someone out there will miss me as much as these three will be missed.

  4. Amy -- Thanks!!!

    Annie: I couldn't agree more!

    Mary: you said it well & yeah, I still love BS&T's sounds.

  5. So sorry to read of Ollies passing. She certainly had an AMAZING life and to have all one's faculty's still, at 108...Well, that is certainly a blessing!
    Lovely tribute.

  6. I used to read Ollie's blog, but I quit a while back. I am sorry to hear that she died.


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