Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Need to Get in Shape? Need encouragement?

If y'all are over 55 and answered a resounding "YES!" to the above questions, then ElderExercise just might be for you!

It's an online exercise support group founded by two of my favorite Elderbloggers: Claude of
Blogging in Paris and Naomi Hagen Bloom of A Little Red Hen as a result of a discussion they had about the frustration of starting and maintaining a diet and exercise program. The result is a really nice blog where you can state your goals, make your own program (and adapt it as needed) and talk about your progress or lack thereof. No guilt (except your own if you mess up like I did) -- no recriminations or nasty rules. Just pure, unadulterated, sincere SUPPORT from really nice people. So far, it's just us gals but men are definitely welcome.

Pretty cool, huh? I joined not because I need to lose weight but because I need to maintain a healthier lifestyle by eating properly and getting some good exercise to build strength and I like the idea of having a cheering section for when I'm succeeding and support when I get frustrated because I'm not.

Interested? Membership is by invitation and you can register
here. We're not exclusive but it was decided that it be a closed blog out of respect for privacy. Claude is our moderator/webmistress and you'll receive an email from her in a timely fashion. And if you have trouble navigating the site, she is a wonderful helper.

Stop by -- it's a great group and we'd love y'all to join us!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!



  1. Wow Kay, if I weren't a member already, I'd be dying to join :))
    Thanks for the nice post. You've been a wonderful addition, I must say!

  2. Just stopping say hello and say thank you for stopping inleaving and e wonderful words. It's nice to belong to a wonderful family as this bloggers family is. Thank you again...

  3. Awwww thanks, Claude!!! Just stating the facts, ma'am!

  4. In the past few months since my accident, my weight has slowly started to increase to the point that something has to be done.
    We bought a recumbant exercise bicycle and I am slowly starting some exercise routines.

  5. I was not fortunate in my attempts to join the elder exercise program but not that Claude didn't try. I won't give up completely but meanwhile let me tell you that may daily exercise bike ride over the past few weeks has yielded one pound lost and much smaller ankles and much smaller boobs. Wouldn't you know!


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