Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wee Hours if Wednesday Random Thoughts

It's Wednesday and I hope y'all got your federal and state taxes taken care of -- I was a good girl and did mine Sunday and mailed them Monday. It's been a busy week so far and doesn't look to let up at all. I've worn a lot of different hats from Josephine the plumber to public speaker. (I'll spare you the gory details on the former.) Stop by and check out my toolbox. LOL

* I had blood work done again -- yeah, the lil' A- vampire was hungry again -- and after fasting twelve hours, they made me wait almost an hour before they came and got me to take my blood. I was cranky about it, too. When I was finally done, I was ravenous and took myself to Pete's for a huge omelet and home fries. The former was loaded with bacon, sausage, and ham and covered with sausage gravy. Yum -- and I don't even feel guilty about putting my cholesterol through the roof.

* I still don't think I'll vote for him but I got a good laugh out of his gibes at Hillary on Monday. I didn't think he had a sense of humor and was glad to see him have a bit of fun at her expense. And yes, I'm still considering voting "NO" for president.

* Big surprise -- not: Bobby Cutts Jr.'s attorneys have filed for an appeal of his conviction in the murders of Jessie Marie Davis and their unborn daughter, Chloe. The grounds? Change of venue, inconsistent verdicts and assorted other nonsense. I hope they give him an unequivocal denial.

* My nice UPS man was here today and delivered a package. I opened it and inside there was a gift with this admonition attached: DO NOT OPEN BEFORE APRIL 17 AFTER 6 PM. Sadistic, no? LOL! I'm going to be good and follow the instructions. I might even tell y'all what's inside!!!

* I'd forgotten I had a
Facebook account until Claudia over at Fried Okra Productions sent me an invite to be her friend there. I took some time to fix my place up a little to what purpose I don't know 'cause I'll be damned if I can figure out what its purpose is. If anyone really understands it or, if any of you want me to scribble on your wall, let me know.

* Check out this video on a recent atrocity in our county. As a mother and a grandmother, I am outraged and hope y'all are, too. I once demanded of a school official: "Where does my responsibility stop and yours start?" and couldn't get a straight answer. This video demonstrates why. I'm getting so disgusted with this place, I'm seriously considering going looking for a home. Unfortunately, I think this sort of thing is happening everywhere. What's your state's law on a school system's liability? If you don't know, I think it bears a little checking.

* How I Got to Be Me will return next week. I apologize but I am buried with Spring cleaning and assorted other obligations and celebrations.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!



  1. I don't know about the laws but when my daughter reported what her two children told her about their substitute bus driver, that he drove weirdly, acted inappropriately to one of the children, and had these two coming home scared, the school asked him and he said it didn't happen and they said that's good-- end of story. My daughter is still keeping an eye on the situation but the school apparently didn't bother to seriously investigate what other children said and didn't want to know. Talk about don't ask-- don't tell!

  2. Hope the blood work results are pleasing!

  3. Sounds like you're taking care of business.

    Don't know that much about what happens on buses today. Quite abit different than in my day. Still remember my first ever bus driver's name, Mike Fender, when we moved to the country (Warsaw, Ohio.) He was really nice. I was one of the first on the bus every morning and had to ride a whole hour before we arrived at the school. In the evening, I was one of the first ones off.

  4. kay, where to start? have you ever tried drama in times like the waiting sooo long on an empty stomach? did this in an airport when spouse and i were taken aside just before boarding. leaned forward, head between knees and kind of moaned. they sent us on our way at once.

    then there was the time i pretended to faint in the principal's office of my son's school. spouse thought it was real--for a second. the distraction changed the conversation in the room at once.

    rain's daughter might consider riding the bus herself to check out the situation.

    finally, i do not want you NOT to vote. slippery slope, i believe.

    yours, naomi


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