Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How I Got to Be Me: Laughing through Recovery

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  1. You continue to amaze me, Kay. As you recount your story, I know we are in for the hard times you've said you've been through (with ex and kids), but I'm just grateful that you just kept defying the odds. I cared for my stepmom after a stroke although she did 3 months in rehab and got most movement back. When you were recuperating as a young woman, they didn't have all the velcro garments (many stylish) that they have now.

  2. Luckily, Mr. kenju didn't have to diaper any babies after his stroke, but many of the others on your list have been a problem for him. Simply bathing and cleaning up have been a problem, but are beiginning to go away now. You are amazing, Kay.

  3. Your attitude about all that happened to you, and your obvious success in overcoming the challenges continue to impress me. You are an example of biting off more than you can chew, and chewing it.

  4. It's always good to find those chunks of humor in the middle of chaos. Thanks for continuing to share you story, Kay. You inspire me!

  5. I find #4, #5, #8 and #9 hard enough to do with TWO hands! - even putting on a bra is difficult - I found an easy way to put it on - if you ever have a
    problem putting on a bra I'll clue you in!

    Did you see "Plaza Suite?" There's a scene in the movie where HE has to put pantyhose on a drunken lady. So funny!!

    I've never had to wear elastic stockings but I hear tell that's a tough one too, even with two hands.

    What would we do without laughter!!

  6. It is so true that Humor is often the saving grace! And the thing about laughter is that it is vrry very close to tears...It is my experience that a really good Belly laugh or a very good Belly cry will serve one better than a lot of medicines! It is a great to read all of this Kay, and to be inspired by all that you overcame.

  7. I have a close friend who has just gone through a stroke. Your writings help me to understand what she is going through. Hers was a very light stroke and she is already making great strides toward complete recovery. Still it is a slow progress for her and I can see how she is using humor to the best of her ability.

    My blog is back up. YAAA!

  8. Now I understand why your blog centers around humor. Looks like it helped you get through a lot of ugly stuff. Glad you made it.

  9. Kay, you are a rehab therapist's dream patient -- one with determination, persistence, with a great sense of humor and just a little bit crazy at times. Some of the best patients able to make progress are those who find humor in their mistakes. I love it when they can trip me up somehow (not always too hard to do) so we can laugh together.

  10. One of my blog friends alerted me to the fact that our favorite movie this year, The Bell Jar and the Butterfly (or the Butterfly and the Bell Jar???) is now out on DVD.

    The point is that sometimes many many people are faced with changing, altering their circumstances, coping with loss of abilities.

    None of this is ever easy and growth is possible.

    I appreciate so much, Kay, your honest sharing of what you have experienced. Humor is important and a positive outlook is, too.

    No one ever promised any of us that life would be a nice cheery rose garden.


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