Tuesday, April 08, 2008

How I Got to Be Me -- Facing the "Real" World

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  1. This is an amazing story!

  2. I have heard of TIAs but thought they were warning symptoms of strokes to come. I wonder if you had stayed there in that stressful environment, if another stroke would have happened or if this was about finding a healthier environment in which to work. It's a lesson to us all to listen to our bodies

  3. It is so very interesting that you had those "episodes" working under very very stressful conditions---that Supervisor...HELP!
    You are an amazingly strong woman, Kay, and your story is truly unspiring! I remember nack in the day the so called "wisdom" was exactly what you said...BUT, I also know of many people who like you, said--No...I am going to go further than they think! You were absolutely right and the comventional wisdom sayers were wrong, as they so often are! Bless You!

  4. You were very determined, Kay, and I am sure that is what led you to make such a good recovery. You have to want to get back to normal before you can!

  5. As your story unfolds, it is inspiring how you worked so hard to get your life back together. The episodes sound scary...

  6. Nancy6:43 PM


    I really admire your intelligence and spunk! Both are important.

    Your story is an inspiration and is truly a Profile In Courage.

  7. You are amazing and have a terrific sense of humor.
    You've made it through some high hurdles and are an inspiration to your readers ... even if you are Catholic!
    (Written by a fellow humble and hopefully devout Catholic)

  8. You make me laugh Kay...and thank God you have such a great sense of humor mixed with a strong sense of conviction. I believe it's what got you through that incredibly hard time...and what has probably gotten you through everything ever since. Not everyone is so blessed.

  9. You are one amazing gal, Kay. I know there are more "bad" parts coming up, but I'm so darned impressed with your determination to live a normal life. Do you have any symptoms these days?

  10. Good that you were so motivated and had such spirit. You're so right that we've learned a lot about stroke during the ensuing years. Now we know there is no end-time limit on recovery, but after a certain point it can be much slower -- lots of variables.

    TIA stands for Transient Ichemic Attack that anyone could be having at any age, may or may not show up on catscans and we might not even recognize we're having one as they take different forms.

    Attitudes are hopefully improved toward those with special needs, varying degrees and types of limitations. Your Dr. Bob sounds like "just what the Dr. ordered" for you.

    You've come a long way, baby! :-)
    Thanks for continuing to share your story.

  11. Kay, thanks for sharing your amazing, inspirational story. It seems every organization has at least one of those supervisors, who feel it is their god given right and obligation to make everyone around them miserable. Glad you escaped...

  12. kay, like fran, i know there are bad parts ahead and i want to turn the pages fast: oh great, here i am with kay NOW--what an achievement!

    you continue to be an inspiration.
    yours, naomi


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