Sunday, March 02, 2008

A Quick Pre-Primary Thought

The Ohio Primary is on Tuesday and it's become a battleground for Hillary and Obama. Word on the street is that Ohio is crucial to the nomination. Funny, huh? This bunch of hicks, as the media usually portrays us, out here in fly-over country are actually going to have an effect on the Election 2008. To me, it's really kind of weird. Never mind that history shows that five presidents have hailed from Ohio so we do pay attention to politics here.

My mailbox has been loaded with campaign literature from all the candidates for months. In the past couple weeks it seems that every time my phone rings, it's a recorded message from Hillary for Ohio. She can't fool me -- she isn't for me or Ohio. She's for herself and the huge corporate entities that have loaded her war chest so she can afford employ telemarketing technology to further her agenda. It's not a way to get my vote. It's ugly and intrusive. Don't these people get it? Obviously not, so I'm going to state a truism: The average American hates telemarketers and this could hurt her campaign badly. I'm willing to bet that I'm not the only one who feels this way.

In contrast, this afternoon I got a call from a very nice man who, very politely and very respectfully, asked me if I'd decided who I was voting for in the primary. I'm not telling anyone who or if I've decided, is my candidate. Last time I checked it was still a secret ballot. The nice man was from Sen. Obama's staff and we had a very nice conversation about my concerns for our country's future and about the men and woman aspiring to the presidency. It ended with him asking me to please consider Senator Obama when I make my decision. I told him that I would and thanked him for calling.

For some reason I haven't gotten anything from the Republicans except Ron Paul and that doesn't really count since a good friend is a precinct captain for him and brought over a stack of his literature for me. Only McCain has been to Ohio but not here -- the Huckster and Ron Paul are campaigning in Texas. For an industrial state we tend to have a lot of Republicans despite the Unions' efforts so maybe no one is too worried about us and are counting on us to "vote right" as my favorite Republican says.

What will happen on Tuesday? I wouldn't/couldn't even guess. What I do know is that folks here are skeptical, tired and disenchanted with politicians -- and that could be a dangerous combination come November.

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  1. I don't like telemarketers, either. I have heard, but now experienced myself, that many of Hillary's telemarketers are quite rude. This can't be good for her.

  2. "The average American hates telemarketers and this could hurt her campaign badly. I'm willing to bet that I'm not the only one who feels this way."

    You are right about Hillary, I had 4 callers from her campaign before our caucus here. With each call I got increasingly "testy", until when the last fellow called I told him I didn't like being harrassed. The rest of the conversation went like this:

    Him: Well, just remember this call was paid for by Hillary

    Me: No its not, you're call my CELL PHONE, I'm paying the bill

    Him: Oh, sorry

    At least they didn't call back after that.

    I'll be watching you and your Ohio neighbors on Tuesday and hope between you and the Texas folk, this whole business will be settled!


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