Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Primary Afterthoughts

I have good news! I found out how to fix the crap that messed up my computer after a couple hours of intense swearing and searching for a solution. I'm astounded that, despite the best efforts of the Evil Empire of computerdom (to be differentiated from the Evil Empire of retail), I found an answer. Call it dumb luck. It sure wasn't skill.

Today It was primary day and the weather was ugly. It was rainy and cold here with the threat of an ice storm hanging over our heads all day. It missed our county but the folks up north on the lake got zapped good. Allegedly, we'll be getting more ice, sleet and snow later tonight. I don't think my little Miss Ruby will enjoy ice skating to work tomorrow.

I went out and did errands and then voted for the candidate of my choice. I thought our county came up with a creative approach to the computerized vs. paper ballots issue: when one casts one's ballot on the machine, it prints a paper copy. Cool, huh?

It's over now. The polls are closed. Now, the waiting begins to see who gets the delegates. No more telemarketing calls. No more hoopla. There was record turnout in Ohio but I didn't notice it when I went to vote. There is so much disenchantment here in that didn't surprise me. I've heard so many people say that they wouldn't vote for any of the expletives deleted running or that voting wasn't going to change anything for the average person. They may be right. I cling to the belief that if one votes, it may not change anything; however if you don't vote, you've missed the chance -- however small -- of changing anything. Just my take.

As it stands right now, McCain won on the Republican side and Hillary and Obama are still slugging it out. Huckabee quit. R0n Paul hasn't. I'm cranky and may not vote in November. I think we're in a lot of trouble but what do I know? I'm just a poor old lady in Ohio who loves her country and wants her government to make sense and not continue on the dangerous path it's travelling.

Here's a video that sort of tells how things are in NE Ohio and why we're worried:

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  1. I have a vintage campaign button that says, "I want Roosevelt again." I'm wearing it on my coat.

  2. Glad you figured out your computer gremlins!

    Unfortunately, it looks like the Dems will be slugging it out until the end of April -- at least -- (sigh!)

    I'm with you on November, it may not be worth going to the polls for

  3. In November, I am going to be so depressed if I have to choose between McCain and Clinton. I always vote. I have always voted since I got old enough (21 back in those days), and it has often been the lesser of the evils, but this time, to me, there would be no lesser evil. They are on the same playing field for how they win, for what they will do, and how do I vote for either of them if it's what it comes down to? I just have to hope I am wrong about how they both would do if it comes down to one of the other of them :(

  4. I know times have been difficult in Ohio, but really hard for me to see this video. I think of the vibrant active Ohio I remembered - the times they have changed.

    Glad you got your computer fixed without too many expletives. How many expletives does it take to fix a computer? Are some expletives more effective than others? Just thought you might have researched that. ;-)

  5. I wrote a comment, then think it got erased. If not, you'll have two of the same and can erase this one.

    Hard for me to watch this video as I keep remembering a strong active vibrant Ohio, though I know it's been rough there for some time.

    Glad you got your computer fixed. How many expletives does it take to fix a computer? Are some more effective than others? Just thought you might have researched it. ;-)


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