Sunday, February 24, 2008

Comfort food and Other Stuff

It's sunny but cold today and I still haven't dragged myself out for my newspaper. I missed Mass this morning because I'm still feeling lousy. It warmed up a bit so most of the snow melted which means it'll save me a ten spot or so. Allegedly, more snow will be here to replace it by Wednesday.

* Yesterday morning I got up and hobbled around here like the old lady that I'm becoming. I felt dizzy and achy and generally awful. What didn't ache, hurt and what didn't hurt, ached. After a few hours of attempting to get things done and failing miserably, I forced myself to shower and get dressed and made myself go out to The Evil Empire. I usually avoid that wicked place but there are a couple things I can't get other places that I buy there. While I was at it, I bought some groceries, too, so there would actually be food around that I might actually eat. While I was wandering the aisles, I had a sudden huge craving for Comfort Food. (You know -- the stuff that mom used to make when you were sick or the classics from your childhood in the good old days when families actually sat down together for supper every day at 5 o'clock.) Comfort Food isn't the same if you have to make it yourself. The last thing anyone wants to do when they don't feel well is cook. The light bulb in my brain lit up as I realized that my favorite source of comfort food was nearby. There was nothing to be done at that moment but escape the Evil Empire and head over to Pete's. Pete's is a really nice, reasonable restaurant on my side of town with a wonderful menu of Comfort Food and serves breakfast all day which is something I like a lot. I sometimes like breakfast for supper. It's probably no great surprise to y'all that Pete's has a rather large clientele of elders. Pete and his friendly, very competent, staff make everyone feel welcome -- even if you come in alone. (Has anyone but me noticed that going out to eat alone can make one feel like a leper?) The Muzak is 50s and 60s music and can spawn discussions between tables about the recording artist and Pete has been known to go back to his office and check the 'Net to settle friendly disagreements. In short, it's a fun place to eat. I ordered the hot meatloaf sandwich on excellent bread and swimming in really excellent gravy with a side salad and a cup of coffee that never was empty until I asked for my check. It was just what I needed. When I left, I actually felt somewhat human again. I need to get to Pete's more often and, even better, it's on my side of town.

* Hillary's people were by to see me today. I told them that I wasn't sure that Hilly-gal -- or anyone else -- was my cuppa. The woman kept telling me that we need a woman in the Executive Office. I was nice and said nada. The guy asked me what I thought of Bill Clinton as a Supreme court justice. I told him that I tried very hard not to think of such a thing. It did tell me what Bill's prize for keeping his pants zipped during the campaign (as far as we know) could be if Hillary is elected. I brought up HR:1955/S.1959 and the lady wrote the numbers down and I mentioned that since all of the candidates voted for the Patriot Act except Mike Huckabee who wasn't in a position to do so but probably would have, and the man the media ignores most: Ron Paul, I have a problem with ALL of them.

* Now that I've bashed the Democrats, I am going to give equal time to the Neocons. I'm an Equal Opportunity kind of girl. Has anyone besides me noticed that the Neocons are, for the most part, just plain nasty? I get emails with their opinion pieces attached and these so-called Christians are positively vicious in their cause. If that's being a Christian, it's time for me to re-think my faith. Ghandi once said: "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." It rings very true for me when I hear or read some of the venom spewed by the conservative media. That these people have passed some of the most heinous pieces of legislation since the Alien and Sedition Acts furthers that belief and scares the hell outta me. I'm seriously considering becoming an expatriate.

* Coming soon: Tomorrow morning the judge will impose sentencing on Bobby Cutts Jr. in the murder of Jessie Davis and their unborn daughter, Chloe. The defense thinks the verdicts were inconsistent. We'll see what Judge Brown thinks. I will have the verdict for you here Tuesday or late Monday. On Wednesday, "How I Got to Be Me" will continue.

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  1. Aahh ... comfort food. For me it was chicken noodle soup. As for the candidates, oh crap, do I vote for or against? Let me know if you decide to become an expat; I may go with you.

  2. I cannot believe never hearing Gandhi's quote about Christ. It encapsulates my feelings so well. These religious zealots are setting horrible examples of Christianity.

    And on the other side of the coin regarding Hillary, have you read about the rapist of a 6th grade girl Hillary (Rodham) defended and questioned the little girl about her attraction to "older men" as if the child caused the rape?

    I hope Bobby Cutts Jr gets his just deserves.


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