Monday, January 07, 2008

Gooooooooooo Buckeyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, I've got Buckeye fever!!!!! I went looking for one of the hype videos to post but I was a bit put off that even the best ones were sort of tacky. I'm not a prude and I can sing "I don't Give a Damn for the Whole State of Michigan" as loudly and lustily as the best of the Buckeye fans. However, most of the videos were a lot more graphic so instead I'm giving y'all Script Ohio which is, for my money, the best scripted marching routine anywhere performed by The Best Damned Band in the Land!!!!! In case y'all didn't know, the 'i' is always dotted by the most outstanding senior tuba player. In special cases, a famous person gets this honor -- alumni Jack Nicklaus last year and Coach Woody Hayes a few years back after he retired. Hope y'all enjoy it!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. who's the little guy in the red coat? he seems to be making it all happen. but i hafta folks in the four-letter states got it made. iowa had a nice marching band, too, but we never had anything like this in north dakota or minnesota.


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