Saturday, November 17, 2007


I am delighted! I am proud! I am going to gloat so please forgive me. I'm sure Joared is dancing in California, too, as well as writing about it ! As she said here yesterday, "you can take the girl out of the Buckeye State but you can't take the Buckeye State out of the girl"! One thing about Ohioans is that we are loyal to our roots and heritage and traditions. And the Ohio State-University of Michigan game is huge!

It was an grey, rainy, cold day in Ann Arbor and it didn't start too well for the Buckeyes. The Wolverines scored a field goal early in the first quarter made by a player who, ironically, was an Ohio native. However, we recovered and went on to score two touchdowns to win. Being the classy guy he is, our coach, Bill Tressel, elected to let his players kneel rather than try for another score at the end of the fourth.
Chris "Beany" Wells had a career day with 222 yards as he and our defense led the Bucs in winning the Big Ten Championship while clinching a Bowl berth for the sixth time in the past seven years. Which bowl game they'll be in remains to be seen but it will probably be the BCS or the Rose Bowl and you can bet the student body will be dancing on High Street in Columbus!

I always have a personal interest in this game because our county is serious about football -- it's almost a religion -- and I can't remember a time when Ohio State fielded a team without young men from here and this year is no exception. Starters Brian Hartline, an alumnus of my high school, and co-captain Kirk Barton along with Freshmen Zach Slagle and Devon Torrence are on the Buckeyes' roster. Gotta cheer our kids on!!!

I think I'm going just up the road to half the city's favorite pub to listen to the die hards re-play and dissect the game. I'm hungry and a sandwich, a beer, and some camaraderie sounds great! I'll catch hell because I've been such a hermit but I have broad shoulders and will remind them that I have a telephone and actually answer it sometimes. LOL

Hope y'all had a great day and your team won! Hey, Winston? Your Vols sure did you proud today, too!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. In case y'all doubt my loyalty -- my cell phone plays the Ohio State fight song!


  1. Anonymous7:00 PM

    Go BUCKS!! Great game!!
    Hey Kay, have you heard about this? What kind of mother would do this to their kids? Look at the fool sitting down with kids in front of the semi! Yikes!

  2. Yeah, they did. I wuz there and it was a nail-biting, heart-stopping game, especially the last couple of minutes. Thanks for noticing while you frolic and bask in OSU style...

  3. Yeah, those Bucs did it! Now we get to see if they make it to be the National Champs. Will they instead come to the Rose Bowl? The suspense continues.

    Thank heavens I have some YouTube links on my post so I could see the marching bands including OSU's "Script Ohio."

  4. I sorta fell down on my job rooting for the team about half-way through the game all because they never showed the marching bands. But I explained all that at my place. Wonder who they'll play next and if they'll get a shot at the national championship. Guess the Rose Bowl is a sure thing, whatever.

  5. Winston: I do remember that there are other teams and not everyone is a Buckeye fan!! Gotta give my friends and their teams a cheer, too!

    Jo: I was glad you posted the links on YouTube -- I like to see the half-time shows, too. They had some great videos of what we Ohioans like to call "The best damned band in the land!" That we won the the Big 10 and are going to a bowl again is great -- if we play for the national title it would be nice but I can live with the Rose Bowl.

  6. Anonymous11:34 PM

    It's Jim Tressel not Bill Tressel.
    In case you doubt my loyalty drive an hour and a half to Columbus for every football game and other TOSU sporting events, my ringtone is Carmen Ohio, my text tone is Across the Field, and my alarm clock rings Hang on Sloopy every morning.

  7. lol Sometimes I type in a hurry.
    I don't doubt anyone's loyalty to OSU! In fact I don't understand a Buckeye who doesn't! I envy you your season tickets!!!!! I haven't found the other ringtones but I did put the logo on my cell. And the OSU banner hangs on my front porch on game days!!!!! lol


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