Sunday, July 01, 2007

Requiscat in Pace, Jessie and Chloe

This weekend Jessie Marie Davis and her unborn daughter, Chloe, were laid to rest with world watching. The enormous support that caught national attention when she disappeared continued as hundreds of mourners attended the calling hours on Friday to pay their respects. A candlelight prayer vigil for Jessie and daughter at her North Canton home was held with over 150 in attendance.

At the funeral on Saturday a crowd of 750 mourners came together, according to the Davis family's pastor, "to celebrate the life, the love and the legacy of Jessie Davis." Photographs of Jessie's life flashed across video screens in the sanctuary as her father spoke of the good times watching his oldest daughter grow up. He asked those in attendance to "honor her memory through reconciliation, communication, and kindness to one another." Her mother thanked God for giving her a daughter like Jessie and shared anecdotes about Jessie's faith and her mission trips to Russia and South Africa. As I said before -- this family's strength and faith will get them through this. May a gracious and loving God help them as they weather the storms ahead.


  1. Thank you for sharing some positive aspects of this horrific tragedy.

  2. Such a heartbreaking time for all. I, too, hope they receive the spiritual strength needed for the days ahead.


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