Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Update & Thoughts Between Coughing Spells

Sorry about no post yesterday but I had errands I couldn't avoid and was tired and miserable by the time I got home. I'm still trying to cough my lungs up and hacking away! Unfortunately, I have to work tomorrow so no there's rest for the wicked. I've been taking it easy today. I postponed the blood tests (that lil' A- craving vampire is hungry again!) at the hospital because it's been raining allllllllllllllllllllllllllll day! Right now we're having a HUGE downpour and serious thunderboomers. My big, covered front porch rarely gets a soaking but today it's inundated. Oh well -- the porch furniture needed a scrubdown anyway and my work is cut out for me.

Just a couple thoughts between coughing spells:

* Those of you who like the talent competition shows like "American Idol" might enjoy seeing this YouTube video from Britain's Got Talent. Even if you don't like opera, the judge's reactions are worth seeing! Simon Cowell stunned is a trip! I happen to love opera and thought it incredible! His winning performance is great, too!

* One of life's ironies is that you get hit with an illness a day or three after you've been to the doctor for a checkup. My doctor does not do phone in prescriptions so I'm toughing it out with ibuprofen, echinacea, and children's Benadryl for relief. Any suggestions?

* What is your prescription for leeches? The human kind. My upstairs neighbor (and her live-in). in addition to making noise all the time seems to have decided that I should be her provider, too. I'm getting good at just saying no. Hopefully, they'll take the hint. I don't like being a bad guy and usually I'm a generous person but, dammit. my phone is my phone and my stuff is my stuff and these people have only given me grief.

* If you're wondering why Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid is pushing so hard to pass that immigration bill, I'd suggest you follow the money. Even the director of the Hispanic center where I work called it a bad bill. And Senator Jeff Sessions released a list of 20 loopholes iin this piece of legislation. Some aren't very pretty to say the least. Write your Senators and tell them to just say NO!

* In case y'all didn't see it, Ronni Bennett left a message on my "Calendar Girls at 80" post and said she thinks an Elderbloggers version would be great and asked, Waddya think? So waddya think? The Man said he has a camera! lol

Hopefully, I'll be back blogging my little heart out soon!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!



  1. I think for the right charitable cause I'd artfully "bare it all"

    Thanks for sharing the link to Paul Potts....I've blogged a bit about him on my Random Thoughts spot this morning too.....

  2. Sorry to hear you're still not up to par. Have you tried Tylenol Cold tablets? But with all the coughing...maybe an antibiotic?
    On the calendar...I'd purchase one to support the cause...but ah, think I'll pass on modeling for one.

  3. I wish that cough of yours would go away Kay....they can drive you bonkers. You really may need an antibiotic...especially if it's bronchitis.

    I've watched every video...YouTube or otherwise...about Paul Potts. What an amazing voice...and story.

    Feel better fast Kay....

  4. For a "sickie," you write some good posts. That old lady you mentioned is spending the summer at my house. Crazy fool wants to pose for a calenar wearing a giant teletubbies costume. Now, get well.

  5. I might bare it all too, if I could have a little strategic covering here and there....LOL

    I saw that video already. That guy is amazing!


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